Training Camp Tips For Football With Cleats
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Training Camp Tips For Football With Cleats

Published at 02/02/2012 00:12:07


Training Camp Tips For Football With Cleats

Football today has become a word that is self explanatory. It is a game of the masses. Children all around the world are glued to their televisions when their favorite team is playing. Those who can manage to get tickets miss all their important commitments to watch a match live. It has also become a contemporary sport played by children and adults alike, irrespective of gender. Most schools and universities boast excellent teams which have been brought about with the aid of endless training camps and hours of practice.


Cleats are durable shoes that are intended especially for playing football. Football was played initially during the 1800s, where players would just wear hard leather boots. It was in the 1940s that two German brothers, Adolf and Rudolf Dassler, created special cleats football could be played in. The specialty of these boots was that they contained six to seven replaceable nailed studs, removable depending on the weather conditions faced. Various technological developments took place after that and transformed the cleats football requires with innovative and durable designs. Soon enough, these cleats gained popularity and began to be endorsed by various sports celebrities, namely David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and others.


Training camps have become increasingly common with the deep interest held by people in football. Usually before the start of these training camps, members tend to lose excess weight so they can increase their performance. Training camps usually comprise of intense high calorie-burning and tiring exercises. As cleats football needs require practice before they can be played in an actual match, this mostly is the focus of training camps. Training camps also have an additional feature which includes warm ups before practice takes place. Warm ups consist of taking rounds in the field and stretching muscles in various extended exercises. Cleats football is played in are worn out in these training sessions. A player is trained to become comfortable with wearing them, so as their presence doesn’t alter the player’s performance.

Tips and comments

The first time one plays in cleats, it is perfectly normal to expect cuts, blisters and other forms of injuries. They are hard shoes that can even get damaged if players don’t know how to maneuver in them properly. Training camps should focus on teaching players how to break into their new cleats. They should be instructed to wear thick woolen socks and shin guards, so as to avoid any damage to the feet. Trainers should ensure that players take long rounds of the field to grow used to running in cleats football calls for. Moreover, all players should stand around in a circle and pass the football to each other and hence, practice kicking, dodging and scoring goals in cleats. Training camps should be held in rainy and moist weather conditions, so players can experience the different techniques required to perform in cleats. All in all, cleats are hard to master. One must spend a significant time practicing in them, so as to refrain from ruining playing abilities and causing injuries.