How To Form a Team Football Club
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How To Form a Team Football Club

Published at 02/03/2012 02:04:35


How To Form a Team Football Club

Football is one of the most anticipated sports all over the world. People make astounding bets on their favorite team football. If the team that they support, wins, the fans go berserk with excitement.

Step 1

Nowadays, besides the football teams of different countries, many private football clubs have also been established. They are gaining more popularity then the other football teams. But whether the football teams are local or international, football remains the favorite sport of all the people especially the youth.

Step 2

It is an uphill battle to set up a team football club. The first step is to select the players. Now, it is not necessary that your team will prosper only if you will have the star players. This sport is not solely dependent on individual talent. It all depends on the collective spirit of the team. Therefore, instead of having star players, it is necessary to select competitive players. Star players, sometimes think that they are the only ones playing and so ruin the competitive spirit of the team. The competitive ones, on the other hand play as a team. The second step is of selecting a coach. Generally, an ex football player is chosen as a coach for the football clubs. The coach is first formally interviewed and judged by the organizations and football leagues. The coach also has to pass a written paper regarding football techniques and rules. An experienced on, naturally, is preferred but now the new talent is also being given a chance. The coach should not be judgmental or biased. He should keep an open mind towards all the players. A person, when applying for the coach’s position, also gets his endurance level tested through different techniques like deliberately baiting him. If he is able to stay calm and collected till the end of the interview then he gets selected. The next step is to decide on a league or tournament. The tournaments usually have timetable on the basis of which the let a new team to participate in it. The coaches and heads should be careful about the dates, because one doesn’t get second chances in football. The best and interesting step in the formation of a football team is the designing and selection of catchy logos and uniforms.


Football is all about passion and frenzy. Many people, to utilize their love for football, open up these clubs. One does face a lot of difficulties while forming a football team but the struggle and hard work bring about fruitful results. To select the players is the most challenging aspect for the organizations. If they go for the most renowned players they cost a lot but sometimes the teams take this chance for the best publicity. Many players which used to represent their hometowns are now playing for different clubs. Like Cristiano Ronaldo used to play for Portugal but now plays for Real Madrid. But now many new players are also selected and most of them are students. They come on the basis of school scholarship. In today’s world, women are also excelling in this brutish game. Therefore, to form a team football is a challenging notion albeit a possible one if all the necessary steps are followed.