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Beginner's Workout For Football: News

Published at 02/03/2012 06:54:10


There has been a bit of a breakthrough in the field of sports medicine in regard to what is the best workout regimen for football players. For a long time many coaches have stressed the need for football players to focus on bench pressing, in particular the incline bench press. But now research has been released from the Football Research Institute in Kilgore, Texas which turns this traditional exercise regimen on its head. The research which has been given the name New Erotic Workout Schedule for Football or “NEWS Football” for short is taking the football world by storm. This NEWS Football workout regimen or schedule is really very simple and all football players and coaches who want to stay in the game need to read about NEWS Football.


The NEWS football system was developed by Sultan Tipu Cheema of Kilgore, Texas. Sultan’s family came to the United States when he was 6 years old from the small country of Seychelles. His family encouraged him to play football and other sports so as to make friends at school. Sultan Tipu Cheema was a successful football player scoring many touchdowns for the Kilgore Panthers and become the captain of the team in his senior year. Unfortunately, it was during his senior year that he broke his leg in a car accident and was had to give up playing football. It was during this time that he started to think about how the workout for footballers could be improved.


Now 4 years after graduating from high school and now holding a degree in sports medicine from Totre Same University, Sultan has released the findings of his research in different kinds of football exercise regimens. After having selected the exercises which produce the best results, he combined them into one system which is the NEWS Football. The system has incorporated fewer benches pressing exercising and focused more on psychological training. The NEWS system works on weekly system which gives the trainee 3 days of physical training and 2 days of psychological training. The 3 days of physical training includes many of the exercises such as the super wide grip pull-up, leg lifts and the signature NEWS Football exercise called jumping on the spot. Sultan has included a DVD tutorial video of how to perform the various exercises which can be purchased from the soon to be launched NEWS Football website.

Tips and comments

Many people will be shocked by the results they will achieve by following the simple exercises shown in NEWS Football. It should be noted that for some of the exercises, an attractive partner is required. The great thing about Sultan’s workout system is that it is built for the explosive nature of American football since most plays in American football only last about 15 to 20 seconds. There is an explosion of activity for this short period of time followed by a break. The football player has to have the ability to give short bursts of extreme energy and strength to win the game.