The 4-3 Defense For  Football Picks
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The 4-3 Defense For Football Picks

Published at 02/03/2012 12:48:42


The 4-3 Defense For  Football Picks

Football picks is the most important strategy for a good game, and 4-3 defense is the defense that does the trick. For those who don’t know what these numbers mean, the 4-3 consist of the alignment of the players in the defensive attack. The 3 linebackers and 4 down line men standing in that position make the game worth while, and it has been said that teams who don’t acquire this strategy of 4-3 face problems of not having enough defensive ends to tackle up to in the middle of the game. Thus, these types of football picks are the most popular defense acquired by the Americans in football, and all the big giants of American football teams are mastering in this defense, for example New York Giants, Denver Broncos, Chicago Bears, etc., which are the most popular modern American football leagues in the world. If you are a fan of football, you already know most of the things we're saying.


In 1950’s this defense attack came about all owing to the renowned coach, Tom Landry. Originally the positions in 4-3 comprised of the tackles hovering over the offensive guards, and the down line men lining over them tackles with the line backer over the middle one and the rest of the 2 line backers at the ends. But nowadays every team has its own variation of the 4-3 defense strategically placing the players with the best arranged football picks in order to win the game by the right tackling and defending too.


The job of the 4-3 defense for football picks is to grab the quarterback. There aim is attaining the quarterback of the opposing team to put them under so much pressure, and to do this, they need to have command over their speed rather than strength although that is important too, but that can come with much practice. Thus, attaining speed to quickly grab the quarterback is the best defense for putting them under pressure. This speed gets them back to the running lines, so it is more important to go on grabbing and then running back to the end lines too. They need to be strong and athletic with good long strides and agile body strength, weighing between 250 to 270 pounds, to cover the whole field quickly within few minutes, . They are responsible for keeping the main star of the opposing team from making the goals, and thus the whole game depends on their strategy and ending up to the defense strategy of team and so 4-3 being the best football picks for defense.

Tips and comments

The players for line backers and down line men should be fit and agile since they have to cover the whole field by running and making it back to the end lines weighing less and being absolutely fit. Their safety is also very much important since they have to tackle efficiently in stopping the tough and strong quarterback from escaping and making goals. They also need to be smart and possess ability of quick thinking from where to approach the quarterback.