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Introduction To College Football Scores

Published at 02/03/2012 02:58:19


College football has become a popular trend with students, almost more so than NFL football and almost as much as professional football in Europe. This is due to the team spirit that is inculcated within students and almost all come out to support their college and friends, dressed up in their team colors making the experience highly enjoyable, with adrenaline rushing through everyone; keeping them on the edge of their seats. The passion that people feel for their teams is highly evident from their joyous expressions when they witness their team scores.


 Introduction To College Football Scores

College football has been around for a considerable period of time. The first match played between Princeton and Rutgers University in 1968, where Rutgers came out victorious. College football scores are determined through a system of BSC ranking. This is what initially decides which two teams will play against each other. In 1910 and association was formed to govern collegiate football and now it has come to be known as the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). This organization is responsible for the rules and regulations of college football and also has the responsibility to ensure that all representative teams follow the NCAA rules and regulations. One must realize that back in the day, football was not played as a competitive sport, but as a means of passing time and for recreation. It is now that it has become a competitive, score centered game.


The college football scores are what lead to victories and defeats for nations and local teams alike. Hence, it has become all the more important that a fair and well-recognized method of scoring and rules is established. Usually the particular body that is monitoring the match ensures that there is unbiased scoring taking place. The problem associated with college football scores is that of unfairness. Decisions often lead to widespread discontent and the massive crowd erupting with anger. Commonly, either side of the field contains a cross-bar that is usually 10-feet high. Initial rules that were similar to rugby, changed. They started to include 11 players instead of 25 for matches. The time limit for these matches is usually 55 minutes after which the match gets suspended, or in some cases overtime is granted. The referee appointed for the match is always the one who concludes a final decision regarding whether a goal has been scored or missed.

Tips and comments

One important recommendation is that an unbiased referee who has no stake in the match should be hired. Essentially, he should be indifferent and either team’s win or loss shouldn’t hold any significance for him. Otherwise, his decision with naturally favor the team he’s supporting. In all cases, substitute and other referees should be hired as well, in case of unforeseen circumstances. College football scores need to be constantly monitored, so as to eliminate chances of errors. Tabulators should keep on entering the college football scores manually and also sometimes in computerized systems, which display the every second updated score on the screen. Lastly, it is mandatory to constantly record the match, so goal scoring can be replayed to give final discretion in case of any doubts when it comes to the referees or even players outcries.