Football Training For Kids Under The Age Of 9 And 10
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Football Training For Kids Under The Age Of 9 And 10

Published at 02/03/2012 07:15:31


Football Training For Kids Under The Age Of 9 And 10

Football is an intense and high stress causing sport. Therefore, many parents worry before letting their kids play in fear of injury and emotional breakdown. However, the increased following for football as Television time entertainment and for passionate playing, has led to kids coming under its banner too. When children work hard to learn a sport from a tender age, they are likely to master it very soon, because of their high motivational skills. Despite parents constant insistence, kids are engaged in the sport on a daily basis.


Currently, kids enjoy the game just as a fun learning experience, despite joining various training camps. Previously training camps tended to be very informal, with kids gathering just for fun. The added experience of going with parents to shop for football kits increased their excitement. Informal training camps lacked the presence of a coach or, in some cases, a trained one. With the passage of time, the pressure of being good at sports and increased popularity of under football led to a massive change in the mind set. Rather than training camps being held just at school, many companies have opened up private training camps, which children can join to enhance their already present skills, or be trained to learn new tactics. These training camps hire established coaches, who are well aware of techniques to improve the kid’s playing skills and keep the fun, no burden aspect intact.


The basic focus of these camps must be retained; training kids under football the age of 9 and 10 yet making certain that they have a quality time, with fun activities. Training camps usually take place after school to avoid unnecessary missing of classes. Moreover, school training camps are more common, since parents tend to trust teachers more than random companies with their children. These sessions begin with light physical activity, and then the coach gives a lecture regarding seriousness and what is expected. Students are sometimes required to represent the school in inter-school teams; hence, maintaining attendance along with mastering the skills is necessary. The next step includes guiding the kids on how to pass the ball around, score goals and retain control of it. The day when matches draw closer they are explained the rules and specifics in detail to uphold adherence.

Tips and comments

Under football also asks for dedication and commitment, even if that comes from 9 to 10 year olds. Coaches should give regular lectures regarding the importance of committing to a particular field, task or sport. Good quality kits must be provided, and special attention should be give to shin guards, to avoid all kinds of injuries. The training camp must not extend for more than an hour, and in extreme cases two hours, as under football already has tight schedules. Coach must also try and demonstrate his or her capabilities so the under football kids can learn from masters of the game. Lastly, it is important for training camp coaches to be available for parent question and answer sessions, especially if the camp is not associated with any school.