Best Tips For Football Autographs
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Best Tips For Football Autographs

Published at 02/03/2012 11:25:05


Best Tips For Football Autographs

Football has become a game of the masses. Star football players have led the popularizing of this game by the media. Media moguls have named various sports personalities as superstars and celebrities even. They are followed everywhere they go and are given star treatment, just like international Hollywood celebrities. This is especially because most of them have begun to endorse products of various brands, in particular those that sell sports equipment.


Football autographs are as old as footballers themselves. When footballers were not yet labeled as celebrities, even then they were continuously signing autographs football wants for fans. When exiting a stadium, for half time or the end of a match, the sidelines were filled with eager and passionate fans lingering to get an up close glimpse of the stars, or if they’re really lucky, an autograph. The label of celebrities stopped limiting this trend to the boundaries of stadiums, and these footballers began to be followed everywhere. They felt a serious lack of privacy and the demand of autographs football supplies was considerably high. Moreover, footballers such as Ronaldinho, Beckham and Ronaldo began endorsing products for various brands such as Reebok, Adidas and Nike (all dealing in the sales of sports related merchandise). This increased their celebrity ranking and popularity even further.


The life of an average celebrity tends to be very difficult and hectic where any form of public appearance is considered. Same is the case with footballers. These busy personalities dedicate most of their tie to a highly stressful sport, and hence that leaves little time for attention to individual autographs football needs. Their signatures are often hurried and messy, with no importance given to a personal motivating message. This must not be held against the footballers, since they are being hogged by a million fans at a time. And every human needs their breathing space! Autographs are not only signed on pieces of paper, but significant football equipment, such as balls and cleats. Some crazy people, who are devoid of the required material then, even request the footballers to sign on their body parts. One must also note that everyone does not get a turn, even at the most unpopulated of times, when the footballers are caught. Autographs footballers give are more focused towards children as they are the future generation. They are the representation of the society and they need the passion to excel in this field.

Tips and comments

A humanitarian factor can be brought into consideration here. Footballers can use their endorsing power to generate funds for the poor and various social work organizations. Autographs on balls, posters, cleats will increase their net value, and will sell for alarmingly large amounts online. Also, since the fan following is actually what established football and made it important, it is the duty of autographs footballers provide to be motivational and passion causing. Standardized messages should not be written. Footballers should try and give special time to young people and question them about their ambitions. Then only, customized autographs should be written out, making the child feel important. The last, pretty obvious factor is clarity of the autograph. Principally, it should not be untidy and written in haste as that would deter understanding and not serve the purpose of an autograph.