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Unavoidable Rules For Football

Published at 02/03/2012 12:38:56


Football is one of the most famous games of the world. It is the game that generates more revenue than any other game in the world. According to a survey held in 2000, over 200 million people play football in about 200 countries which makes it the most popular sport in the world. However, European and African countries take the lead where the popularity of football is concerned especially countries like Brazil, Spain, Germany and Argentina where football is taken as religion. This sport has evolved over centuries and has taken a lot of other forms. Due to this, there are some essential rules and regulations imposed by FIFA which have to be followed in order to play a standard game of football. These are the unavoidable rules football which have to be followed religiously in order to preserve the game of football in its present form.


Unavoidable Rules For Football

Football has been played since centuries and the first ever international standard game of modern-day football was held in England, England against Scotland, in 1872. Women’s football dates back to 1895. What makes football such a popular game is the fact it’s taken as a culture, a tradition. Football is much more than a 90 minute game. It is said, people who are normally polite and sophisticated can turn wild in the excitement of the game. Considering such strong emotions of people related to football, football federations have imposed rules and laws which govern the whole game during a match. These laws not only followed by the players but also the spectators to keep the situation under control and avoid hooliganism during a match when a certain rivalry can excite the people up to the level of possible violence.


Rules football are very few and extremely flexible, depending on the nature of the match. Basically, there are 17 laws which wholly govern these rules. Most important, of course, is the rules football which doesn’t allow the players to handle the ball with the arms or hands. The goalkeeper however is allowed to use all his body to prevent the ball from entering through the goal posts. There are proper measurements according to which the whole pitch is designed. Furthermore, there are rules football present for foul play, and a player can be banned for a match if his/her fouls exceed to the point of disruption in the match. A foul only comes in order if a player commits it, if the ball is with him/her. Other than that, pushing and shoving is allowed to prevent the ball from going to the other person or during a penalty. All these are the basic rules on the basis of which a football match is played. There are rules football present for spectators as well which do not allow them to disrupt the game or carry out any sort of violence. As chants are a part of popular culture in football, spectators are also discouraged to chant any offensive or racist comments.

Tips and comments

Football is a game which has become a part of the culture in the areas it is played excessively which is why rules in football are extremely important. But if rules football are strictly followed, as they are, the real essence of the game might be lost somewhere in the middle. To keep the real football alive, it is important not to forget the original manner in which football is played. Otherwise, it can harm the natural talent of young people who enter the game to follow a dream