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Discover 8 Tips For Manager Football

Published at 02/08/2012 18:27:00


Football is a widely popular sport across the globe, so much so that it evolved from a mere sport to an industry, a business to earn money, whilst providing people and fans a considerable amount of entertainment. The game does not only consists of 22 players moving around a football field trying to score, but also has a hierarchy of people involved in the game. The owner of the club, the executive board, the football club board, the president, the managers, the coaching staff, and the medical staff, all these people along with the players make up a standard club organizational structure. Out of these, besides the players, the manager football and the coach are the two main people responsible and involved in the game that is played.

Step 1

For a long time the game of football had been just an entertainment for people to pass the time around, but in the middle of the 19th century at Cambridge, official rules had been written down for association football, and later that year it became formalized and many countries began associating the same rules until 1872 when the first official football game took place between two countries, England and Scotland. And from there onwards the clubs began forming with coaches initially but with the passage of time, managers began taking some portion of the responsibilities of the coach but at a higher hierarchal level than the coach.

Step 2

What one needs to know about becoming a good manager football, is one of the few things aspiring managers want to know, since some people cannot play the game but have a large amount of admiration towards it and want to pursue it. The most basic thing is to know everything about the game that is football. It would be pointless to become a manager football without having the complete knowledge of the game itself. Secondly, after acquiring the basic knowledge of football, they must know about the club. An understanding of the team and the club with all its members is a vital part of it. The club structure and the workings of it as important as managing the team. Thirdly the manager football should know what his job description is. It is important to know what and where he has the authority and where he does not. Fourth is to be well educated. Having a degree related to management in sports is preferred, although people can have other degrees as well but having a degree is important nonetheless. Fifth point to know is that when managing a football team, the manager football is responsible for the team players’ morale. It is important to keep the players active mentally and physically both. Demotivated players cannot perform well. Sixth, in most cases the manager is responsible for the finances and the earnings of the club, hence the manager football needs to manage the budget and finances of the entire club. Next thing to remember is that the club depends on its players, and they need to be fit and trained at all times and when suffering from injuries should also be well taken care of. Last but probably the most important point to focus on is the game tactics. The manager football should be ready for every game, know their opponents strategies and play accordingly.


In the career of a manager football, there may come ups and downs, but he needs to know that the entire well being of the club depends on his decisions and those decisions involve the games the clubs play and the players that are part of the club.