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the Best Way To Clean Players Football Uniforms

Published at 02/07/2012 16:56:35


Football uniforms these days are mostly made from polyester material, which is widely popular among people from all over the world since it adapts well to every situation and surrounding. This fabric gained extreme popularity in football where the players find it best to wear since it is the best fit in the tough conditions of the sport. It gives comfort to the players and the rushes, pulls and the wear and tear of the fabric does not do much damage to the players football uniform and jersey but they become really filthy and there are special techniques one has to follow to completely get rid of the in depth dirt of the players football uniform. The absorbed sweat and the filth are hard to be cleaned and needs to be washed in a special manner. This is to make sure that your jersey is not disrupted in any form. 

Step 1

Players football uniforms are very durable and are designed fit to every tough condition without the player getting drenched in his own released water and sweat. There colors and prints also do not fade off while washing since then the uniform will be damaged. But despite all these features special care is needed while cleaning and the washing of the players football uniforms since it takes time for them to dry off, exact temperatures of the water with precise soaking time in the water and special detergents used for them.

Step 2

For cleaning football uniforms it is highly important to first inspect what material it is made up of which is mostly polyester due to its features such as being lightweight and durable, fitting to every tough condition of the sport. To ease the cleaning process, one should make sure to soak the players football uniforms in water to get rid of the in depth dirt since the longer it stays the more it is harder to get rid off. The temperature of the water should be warm since warmer water gets rid of the stains more efficiently. After just soaking, get another tub of warm water to rinse the uniform with detergent having special enzymes in it for effective cleaning. Hot water can have an opposite effect so it should be just about lukewarm. For further cleaning, replace the water with clean water and add bleach in it to remove any sort of dirt stains. The cleaning cycle is completed and the players football uniform should be then set to dry on a wood plank, best dried overnight.


For more effective cleaning, it is recommended to add the detergent again after it is bleached, giving it a third round of a detergent in total to guarantee a complete stain-free uniform. Scrubbing during the detergent is important to ensure all the dirt is let out and none of the particles remain. A chemical detergent with heavy enzymes is preferred along with baking soda as well. Cotton jerseys can get torn apart easily, thus it is advisable to always invest in the polyester fabric for players football uniforms.