5 Things You Must Know About Football Sporting
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5 Things You Must Know About Football Sporting

Published at 02/07/2012 18:06:32


5 Things You Must Know About Football Sporting

Football is the most popular sport played all over the world with almost every county having its very own team. FIFA standing for Fédération Internationale de Football Association, was created a century ago in France and since then through slow beginnings and a speedy transition to becoming the worlds greatest phenomena of football sporting. The football sporting phenomena has become the king of all sports today owing to the huge success of the sport with the much anticipated world cup hosted after every four years where the whole world is hooked to there countries success, making it a huge factor for their pride of performance. Thus, it generates huge amounts of inflow of paparazzi and becomes a strong factor for a nations reputation as the team of a country represents the whole outlook of a nation thus football sporting being a true representation of the nations strong points and its weaknesses.

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Association football sporting has been comprised since the year 1904 in Paris, France and that was the point when actually the football sporting was considered as an organized international game. In 1930 the world cup was first held and since then after every four years a team, representing various countries of the whole world, is crowned as champions with the rest of the world looking up to them with sheer awe, amazement and respect.

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For the fact that football sporting is king of all sports it is more than just a game. Firstly because bringing the world cup home to there mother land means surpassing all the worlds team, thrashing them and crowned as kings of the king sport is not only a source of pride but a source of respect too by everyone. Secondly the sport is played like being at war depending upon the opposing team. If the ties between the two teams have a significantly negative past then the football sporting is considered more being at war. The desire to attain the first position is so much that the team can go at any extents. The outcome of the match has drawn numerous fights over the century resulting in historic cases. Rivalry between football clubs is why the people supports clubs resulting in fanatic fans who will be infuriated if the club loses to a rival club. Lastly, racial, religious and ethnic issues all are considered while playing and can heavily affect the outcome of the football sporting which is something sad because the main motive is to unite the players and the teams for the sake of humanity.



It is advisable to round up people who are in the business of bribing and also those who accept bribery to lose or win a match because in football sporting it should be solely about fair play, like how it all began. Then, young people should be more encouraged towards this sport by devising special football schools to train them into professionals and giving expert opinions and advices since childhood to grow up to be star players.