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About Helmet Football Safety

Published at 02/07/2012 22:53:47


About Helmet Football Safety

One of the most popular sports in United States is dominantly a contact sport. Football has been known to be one of the top sports in America. The game is played between two teams each consisting of 11 players on each side. One team plays the offense. This team also has possession of the ball/ The other team plays defense, trying to stop the offense taking the ball to the touchdown line. The objective of the game is similar to Rugby, but it is slightly less physical. In rugby, there are no major safety pads, except some players who wear head gears and mouth guards. In football, safety is a little more high scale.


Not many reports are available for the time before 1930, but after that time until modern times, 1,200 injuries have been noted. These injuries have been direct fatalities. There have also been around 750 indirect ones. The number of injuries per year has been decreasing since then, but there are almost four injuries every year that prove to be career ending. Even though it is better than the initial number of 18 injuries per year, this number has gone down because of football safety and improved safety gear. A major portion of injuries have been neural, and players have been hospitalized for weeks before any major recovery.


About Helmet Football Safety

Head injuries, or brain injuries resulting from concussions, are a major in football. Hence, the large number of bills being passed to ensure the safety of the players. Helmet football is a major safety gear component which reduces head injuries. Even though tests have shown that most helmet football cannot do much against protecting the player from concussions, there have been notable developments in the sport's research centers to improve safety among players.

Helmet football is an essential part of the gear since the majority of the injuries are head based. Not wearing a proper helmet football cannot only make you sit out from the game, it can also affect the entire career of a football player. The helmet football is not just a hat; it has many components, like the shell, the face mask, the jaw pad, and the air bladders. All these components make up the helmet football and ensure the complete safety of the player's head. Since football is a massively physical sport, it is not perfectly secure. Many companies have made helmet football, like the Riddle Revolution Speed, or the Schutt Air XP. These helmets are designed with careful consideration to the shape of the player’s head to help avoid or reduce any major hits that he may receive while tackling another player or receiving a tackle.

Tips and comments

Helmet football is immensely vital for the safety of the player. This can be shown by the fact that rugby players who wear no other safety gear tend to wear the helmets only. Helmets should be padded well for every game and should never be overused. Even a good helmet football, if overused, can stop being completely protective.