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Everything About Georgia Football

Published at 02/07/2012 23:10:05


Everything About Georgia Football

Football, being one of the top sports in United States of America, is followed and enjoyed by many. Even though this is an American sport, people in other countries also watch the game. It is the American version of the Australian Sport Rugby. It involves 11 members of each team to be present on the field, and those 11 members can be of the offense or the defense. It is one of the major contact sports in America. The official authority that manages football is the National Football Association, or the NFL. This includes teams from all the states at a professional level. The objective of the game is to cross the field with the ball, making it to the other side across the touchdown line, either by passing, running or kicking the ball. The team that has possession of the ball is the offense, and the team defending the goal is the defense. American football is managed in three categories, and those categories are high school football, college football, and professional football. University of Georgia, called the Bulldogs, are part of the NCAA, football bowl subdivision.


Everything About Georgia Football

University of Georgia football entered into the football sport in 1892 when it made its team. The coach and manager of the team was a Chemistry teacher named Charles Herty. The first game was significant. It not only was the first game, it was the first football game (which was against Mercer University) between two colleges held in the Southern Division. In 1920, georgia football became known as the Bulldogs, and that also became the mascot. In 1929, another significant milestone occurred when this team had its first university level stadium constructed.


University of Georgia Football, known as the Bulldogs, is represented by the color red and white on the football jerseys. The mascot is called Uga, the sound the team makes to taunt their opponents before every game. Like any other team or university, georgia football has rivals. They are University of Auburn, University of Florida and Georgia Tech. Other than that, georgia football is famous for having two national titles, 12 conference titles and six division titles. These are remarkable stats for any college level team. In total, this team has won 735 games, lost 390 and has had a draw in 34 of their games, giving then an almost 65% winning ratio. And in those games, 46 were bowl games, out of which 26 resulted in a win. There were 18 losses. Georgia Football has great staff, resulting in the large number of victories of the Georgia Football team. Currently Mark Richt is the head coach, with Mike Bobo as the Offensive Coach and Todd Grathlam as the Defensive Coach.

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University of Georgia is a great place for students who want to play college football or even go on to playing professional football. In the history of Georgia Football, 68 players have been selected as All American, and 24 were Consensus All Americas. For professional level awards, two georgia football players have received the Heisman Trophy, an award coveted by many football players.


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