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Things That Are Most Important To Football Clubs

Published at 02/07/2012 21:10:15

Things That Are Most Important To Football Clubs

Football clubs first appeared in the United Kingdom in the 19th century. At the beginning, there were only a handful of teams listed, so few that many countries did not have an organized internal competition. As the game started to grow and gain popularity, many more football clubs were founded, not only in England, but in all the corners of the world.

In the first half of the 20th century, as the game was making the name as the “king sport” of the world, football clubs had only one interest: winning. The concept of “money” almost did not exist in sports at that time, so the only thing that motivated players and clubs was winning games and trophies.


Starting with the 80s, as the popularity of the sport was gigantic, more money was involved in every aspect of the game, from player salaries to transfer fees to prize money. Today, football generates billions of dollars every year, so the interests of the people involved are big.

This is the reason why, in the present, football clubs are not only looking for big performances but for a substantial profit and a growing reputation. The biggest clubs in the world are usually looking for all three, but there are not many clubs like that. Most of them try to remain competitive and make a profit. This is the tactic applied by most of the clubs that play in a strong league and usually finish below 5th place. They get players from their own academy or scout and buy players who don’t have a big reputation around the football world. They usually get them paying a small fee, play them for a few years and, as they grow and get more experienced, so is their market value. They are sold to other clubs for much bigger transfer fees.



Big clubs have the luxury to choose their main objective in that respective season. For example, Real Madrid, at the beginning of the last decade, had a great team that was winning trophies and the hearts of football fans all over the world with their spectacular play. Even in this great situation, they still transferred David Beckham for a huge transfer fee in order to grow the profits even more. Beckham was a player that generated a lot of money for the club he played for and also made the reputation of the club better throughout the world, especially in Asia. The move was made, although many people suspected that the transfer was not a good fit football wise.

Tips and comments

Although the interests of the football clubs are different from club to club, or even from season to season, winning still remains the main motivation for every one of them. Money come and goes, reputation can grow or shrink, but winning an important trophy stays forever in the history of the sport. When we think about the great teams that existed during the existence of the sport, the only important thing that we remember is what they won and how they won it.