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How To Get Vikings Football Tickets


The Minnesota Vikings is a football team from America who play for the National Football league; they joined the football league in 1960’s. They have a very high winning rate in the national football league and are the only team which has played 15 games and won them in the regular season. Prior to its merger with the American Football league, it has won the NFL championship too. After their merger they have played a total of 24 games being the third best in the league. They have also played the super bowl, however they were they had lost both the games.


Starting with its history, the name Minnesota Vikings was coined on September 27th 1960. Due to their perfectly chosen marketing strategies they sold approximately 26000 tickets and 855 of the Stadium was covered. By 1969 the Vikings set the record of 12-2 which was the best record in the National Football League. In 1970 they beat Cleveland Browns 27-2 and become the first modern expansion team to win the NFL championship which helped them earn a seat in the Super Bowls IV. They also earned the title of Purple people eaters as they managed to continue their winning streak throughout 1970 and 71. Alan Page won the award of National Football League’s most valuable player. By 1990’s Jerry Burns announced his retirement after which Dennis Green became the fifth head coach. Furthermore, in 2000’s they won the divisional championship and entered the decade along with this they also got a chance to appear in the NFC championship. However, it had to struggle by posting a 5-11 record in 2001 and was unable to win the division again till 2008. 2010 was the most disappointing season for the Vikings.


The major issue nowadays because of the advent of huge LCDs is that whether to watch the match on television or live, if you choose the former option you can choose the food yourself and sit comfortably in your house. However, if you are an ardent fan of the Vikings you can go to watch the game live in the stadium. Apart from being an ardent fan, people who have financial constraints also consider the second option because everybody does not own an LCD. Therefore, they choose to watch the show in the stadium as they can watch the show live and enjoy cheering for their favorite players. Fans choose to buy the complete season’s passes because that costs them lesser than buying the Viking football tickets per game. If you have financial problems you can reduce the cost of the ticket by keeping certain factors in mind such as the location of your seat and the time before the match. The later you buy the ticket the more expensive the ticket will become. Coming to the second factor, the seating arrangement is also a contributing factor to the cost, the closer the seat is to the ground and the players’ bench the more expensive the ticket would be.

Tips and comments

Therefore, you can buy the ticket beforehand as that will help in reducing the cost of the ticket and you can enjoy the match live in the stadium. You will not only enjoy more but also the players will be more motivated to play well because they will be able to see more people cheering for them. This will help boost their morale. 

By Sidra Rana, published at 12/30/2011
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