About John Wayne Airport
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About John Wayne Airport

Published at 04/05/2012 11:02:24


About John Wayne Airport

The John Wayne airport is a busy commercial airport situated in Orange Count, California in the United States of America. This airport’s runway is the shortest among major airports in the country thus limited the number and size of aircraft that it can accommodate. It is however the sole commercial airport in the whole of Orange County, California and this makes it an important hub for cargo handling and other services to the general and corporate aviation community. The John Wayne airport has got two terminals with the longer one handling most of the traffic which is general aviation and the larger commercial aircrafts, while the smaller runways handles light aircrafts. A nine foot statue of its namesake stands proud in one of it’s terminals on the arrivals level. The statue was created by the famous sculptor Robert Summers.


About John Wayne Airport

The John Wayne airport started out as a small airstrip belonging to a flying school founded by Eddie Martin in 1923. It was transferred to the County’s ownership in 1939 in a land swapping deal. It later served as a military facility in the Second World War. The federal government under whose management it was throughout the war handed it back to the county at the end of the war period. This saw a steady rise of passenger volumes necessitating several renovations to accommodate the growing commercial and general demands of the public.

It was originally named the Orange County Airport but was renamed in 1979 in honor of the famous actor John Wayne and who died in the same year.


About John Wayne Airport

The John Wayne airport is served by a number of carriers that handle approximately 250 incoming and outgoing flights in a day. The bulk of these carriers are commercial with eleven commercial carries, four commuter ones and two cargo handlers. There are about 500 aircrafts based at the airport and the facility also offers hangar space, fuelling, and maintenance and charter services in addition.

Once on the ground you will find a wide range of ground transport services on the ground at the John Wayne airport. Transport pick up locations are very near the baggage collection area and one can choose from shuttles, taxis, limousines, buses or one can hire a car from various companies available on site. For those who wish to leave their cars at the airport while they travel , there are parking options available, both in the airport and outside with considerations for the handicapped and for high cars.

Tips and comments

Due to the proximity of the John Wayne airport to the famous Disney land it has become a convenient and important facility to many people across the United States and there are many flight destinations from and to the airport that make a visit to the famous park a reality.

John Wayne airport is one of the safest airports in the country and aircraft incidents are few and far between. This reflects very well on the John Wayne airport management authorities and makes it an easy choice for many.