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Published at 02/24/2012 04:04:50


The Chicago O'Hare Airport is the main airport in the city of Chicago and one of the busiest in America in totality. It has won numerous accolades in past years, and is viewed as a top notch aviation service provider. If you find your travel plans bringing you to this particular airport at Chicago then there is some basic tips/information you should be aware of. This has been complied in the following article for your convenience so be sure to peruse at your leisure.

Step 1

Chicago Airport O'Hara airlines houses numerous different airline services, below we have complied them in accordance to their terminal. All airlines have individual contact information so be sure to call them closer to your departure to ascertain that this indormation has not changed.

Step 2

The airport has various forms of transportation to get you around the airport at Chicago and Chicago itself. These include rental cars, an airport shuttle, airport transit service and taxi cabs. The transit service offers an easy, fast way to get around the airport. It is a free service that is on offer 24 hours of the day. Its route starts at Terminal 1 and ends at lot E, the total travel time is that of nine minutes. You can rent a car from the comfort of the airport at Chicago, they are situted in the lower level near the baggage claim area.



Step 3

The airport at Chicago offers paid parking for their patrons. However its important to note their are some conditions. If your car is to be at the airport for more than 30 days, you have to notify the airport if you don't it will be towed. The airport car park does not accommodate for trucks, mobile homes, and trailers.

Step 4

If you become hungry while at O'Hare, there are numerous eateries to sate your appetite. These include Brioche Doree, Manchu Wok, Hot Dog Express, Starbucks, O'Hare bar and Grill, McDonald's, and Parades Bar.

Step 5

Traveler's Aid is a office which helps both domestic and international airline users with their travel problems. It is located in terminal two across from the children's museum.


Security at the airport is the same as it is in the rest of America, meaning that there is list of prohibited items that will not be permitted onto the flight. To check this information, go onto the TSA website. The airport at Chicago is fully wheelchair assessable. The rental companies that are at the airport are Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Hertz, and National. If you are in need of conducting some business, the airport has  laptops, Internet access, fax, photocopying services, and a post office.

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