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Top 10 Airport Quality Locations in the Us

Published at 04/06/2012 01:10:14


The importance of airport in today’s modern world can’t be ignored. Most of the people like to use flights to move from one place to another. The quality of airport actually makes an impression on the mind of the person who has to stay at the airport for some specific period of time before or after boarding a flight. United States of America is quite well-known for its airport locations.

Step 1

San Francisco International Airport is actually responsible for creating hype related to it. First of all the safety and security of this renowned airport is quite popular among the other airports of the world. The services and the facilities provided by it to the passengers and customers are highly satisfactory. The vitality corresponding to economical and financial attributes is also fascinating.

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Chicago O’Hare International Airport is well-suited with this airport. First of all it has been beautifully crafted and upholstered which is responsible for giving a lavishing environment. It is generally considered as the second busiest airport in the country of America and of course the fourth busiest airport in the world just located at a distance of twenty miles from the city.

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Los Angeles International Airport is situated in the city of Los Angeles. The airport quality of this place comprises of various additional facilities provided by it to the passengers. People can’t get bored in this airport as they can spend their leisure time in places like restaurants with delicious food and the nearby shops for shopping purposes.

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Denver International Airport can be taken into consideration for airport quality. It has got a well furnished parking space along with ground transportation facilities. There are special counters where people can inculcate traveler information. Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is specially taken care of as this airport is actually owned by the city of Dallas and the city of Fort Worth. This unique airport provides international, national along with regional flights for the travelers. It is said to be the largest hub for the American Airlines having its headquarters in Fort Worth.

San Jose International Airport's quality can be understood by the number of passengers. According to the records of the year 2010 the number of passengers who boarded flights from this airport was around 8.3 millions. It offers completely free wireless connectivity in its terminals. Miami International Airport in Florida highly takes care of the airport quality which actually owns this airport. It is the largest gateway between the Latin America and the country of America. The runways built in this airport are made up of Asphalt for easy landing and taking off for the flights.

Baltimore/Washington Airport is said to serve the people of the metropolitan area of the Baltimore-Washington. Though there has always been an extra pressure on this airport from the two above mentioned places it always serves its passengers with full and well furnished facilities.

Oakland International Airport's quality is characterised by noise management program, air traffic controller tower, electric vehicle charging services and many more. Washington Dulles International Airport is located in Dulles at a distance of 26 miles from Washington D.C. Its well furnished runways are made up of concrete which are said to facilitate the flights highly and so can be considered as an important airport quality.

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