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About the Heathrow Hotel Airport

Published at 04/06/2012 12:25:02


London Heathrow Airport is a major airport serving London Britain. It’s located in the London Borough of Hillington in West London. Heathrow is the busiest airport in the United Kingdom and the third busiest airport in the world in terms of total passenger traffic. Holiday Inn London Heathrow Hotel Airport is a 12 storey building located off the motorway, 2miles from the M25 for links to London. It has an ample parking for travelers and its only 10 minutes by shuttle bus from Heathrow Airport. LCD has been installed in the Hotel to display flight information while the travelers sip cappuccinos. You will enjoy plenty of dining options including The Rotisserie’s delicious carvery and also the authentic Chinese restaurant.


Heathrow airport started in 1929 as airfield on land southeast of the hamlet of Heathrow. Development of the whole Heathrow area as a very big airfield started in 1944. After the world war 2 the government continued to develop the airfield as a civil airport then known as London Airport and later Heathrow. The name Heathrow originates from a local hamlet called Heathrow or Heath Row, which comprised mostly farms and market gardens and orchads. Heathrow Airport is used by over 90 airlines flying to 170 destinations worldwide. The airport is the primary hub of BMI, British Airways and is as a base for Virgin Atlantic Airways. Of the Airport’s 67 million annual passengers, 11% are bound for UK destinations, 43% are short-haul international travelers and 46% are long-haul. In the 1950s, Heathrow had six runways, arranged in three pairs at different angles in the shapes of a hexagram. As the required length for runways has grown, Heathrow now has just two paralled runways running east-west. Air traffic controllers at Heathrow approach guide the aircraft to their final approach, merging aircraft from the four holds into a single stream of traffic sometimes as close as 2.5 nautical miles. Heathrow hotel airport have been constructed near the airport to help the travelers with accommodation, food and other amenities as they await to travel or when just arrived.


Holiday Inn Heathrow Hotel Airport has a conference for 130 guests in one of 13 modern meeting rooms. There is wireless internet provided and their dedicated events team organizes business lunches as well. One can also upgrade to plush executive room for extras including bathrobes. Holiday Inn Heathrow Hotel Airport is close to rail links to central London for world-famous attractions like London Eye. The Hotel has a fitness centre open 24-hours and the one can out work out anytime. You can watch TV sports and live bands at the callaghan’s pub, which serves traditional pub fare like Irish stew.

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Holiday Inn is among the best Heathrow Hotel Airport for travelers to find a place to rest when they have arrived and even for passengers travelling. The airport is only 10 minutes from the Hotel and therefore become more convenient for travelers to connect their flights. Holiday Inn is among the best hotel which are closer the Heathrow hotel