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The Best Ohio Airport

Published at 04/06/2012 13:35:26


Cleveland Hopkins international airport is the best Ohio airport located nine miles southwest of the central business district of Cleveland. The airport lies just within the city limits of Cleveland and the largest airport in the state of Ohio. It is the 39th largest airport in United States. To get from this Ohio airport to your destination, you can either rent a car, take a taxi or limo or even bus. The airport’s Ground Transportation services office is on the baggage claim lower level of the main terminal. This office is responsible for management of all forms of ground transportation. Hopkins Transportation service is the only ground transportation service of its kind operating Cleveland Hopkins international airport with vehicles of capacities of 10, 12 and 29 passengers. They also offer private door to door services, hotel and airport shuttles, charter services and many other transport services. In airport airlines allow travelers to check-in for their flights and print boarding passes up to 24 hours before their scheduled departure. For those checking a bag, they can pay online for any checked baggage fee and this saves additional time at the airport.


The Cleveland Hopkins Airport was founded in 1925 and own by the municipality. The first air traffic control tower, ground to air radio control and the first airfield lighting system in United states were done in this Ohio airport in 1930. It is also the first U.S. airport to be directly connected to a local or regional rail transit system. The airport was named after its founder William R. Hopkins on his 82nd birthday in 1951. This Ohio airport handled more 9 million passengers in 2010 representing 2.3% decrease compared to 2009. There were 192,863 flight operations in 2010. This airport handles more than 325 non flights daily to more than 85 destinations


Cleveland Hopkins International Airport has three runways and recently two of its runways threshold was moved 330 feet to the east. For the 12 months in 2007 the airport had more 244,000 aircraft operations which is an average of 670 per day. Cleveland Hopkins international is a hub for continental airlines and is served by a host of major airlines offering direct and connecting flights to all points of the globe. International direct flights include Britain, Mexico and Canada. The passenger terminal at this airport consists of two-level main terminal with concourses A,B, and C, as well as concourse D which is connected by underground tunnel to concourse C. Vehicle parking is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. The “ You Are Here” Cards are available to help visitors remember where they parked their cars. There are also automatic ticket dispensers that distribute parking garage tickets and they are located at entrances. For visitors needing banking services, there are ATMs located on levels 1 and 3 of the elevator lobby between garages and the terminal. This ohio airport has security and emergence assistance where the security officers patrols the garages 24 hours everyday. Also courtesy phones are located in the elevator lobby of floors 2 through 5.

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Cleveland Hopkins International is the best Ohio airport for travelers wishing to travel with domestic or international flight. This airport has good facilities and services for all the visitors.