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Finding Airport Parking At Night Tips

Tips to Finding an Airport Parking Spaces at Night

Many people who travel by airplane, either for business or for pleasure, typically get dropped off by loved ones or take public transit to the airport. However, many other people choose to drive themselves and find airport parking at their destination of origin. In many cases, finding an airport parking space at normal times like during the day is not a problem. For many people who fly in the evening, finding an airport parking space at night can be a bit trickier. Depending on the airport, the parking lot or garage may not be well-lit, which could make things difficult in terms of finding and remembering where you parked; this could also cause safety concerns for some people, particularly those traveling alone. In any case, there are tips you can follow when searching for an airport parking space at night in order to have a safe and efficient experience. 

Step 1

Plan your route ahead of time by traveling to the airport during the day. If at all possible, make sure you know where you're going by taking a practice run during the day. This will allow you to get more familiar with the airport and its surrounding area, which will make it much easier for you to find airport parking at night when you are ready to leave. Make sure you know exactly how to get there and try to get a feel for how the parking areas are laid out. 

Step 2

Decide where you will park your car when you go to find an airport parking spot at night. Will you be staying in the long-term lot or garage? Do you prefer the economy lot where a shuttle will pick you up and take you to the terminal? Knowing where you will park ahead of time will greatly help you in preparing to find an airport parking space. After taking your practice run, make sure and get to know exactly where you will park your car when you arrive at night. 

Step 3

Take another practice run, this time at night. Once you're familiar with where you're going, the best way to prepare to find airport parking at night is to actually go there at night. If you're concerned at all about safety, have a trusted loved one come with you to help assuage any fears or concerns you might have. Try not to worry too much; many airports have a great deal of security measures in place, particularly to help protect people who are looking for airport parking at night. In addition, due to heightened security concerns, many police officers are typically stationed at terminals and often patrol various areas of the airport. 

Step 4

Go to the airport on the evening of your flight to find airport parking at night. Give yourself plenty of time to arrive at the airport, then follow the plan you set forth with your practice runs. By now you should know exactly where you are going to park and how you will get to the terminal from there. When looking for airport parking at night, you must always remember exactly where you left your car in order to facilitate finding it once you return to your destination of origin. If possible, write down the location of your car and keep it in your wallet or carry-on bag so you know exactly where to go when you return. 


While there is typically plenty of security at many airports, always be vigilant when seeking airport parking at night. If anything makes you nervous or uncomfortable, find somewhere else to park or contact a police officer or security guard immediately. Your safety is always more important than finding the most convenient spot. 

By Carlos Fournier, published at 02/03/2012
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Finding Airport Parking At Night Tips. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.