What Is the Busiest Airport City in the United States?
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What Is the Busiest Airport City in the United States?

Published at 02/03/2012 22:55:21


What Is the Busiest Airport City in the United States?

Commuting has become a major demand of the ever increasing population. Whether it be for a long due vacation, workaholics making regular job trips or even emergencies, almost everyone has one reason or another to travel via an airplane; since it’s the shortest means of reaching any destination The steadily increasing demand has caused long queues on ticket terminals, with people barely catching last minute flights due to the lack of availability.


Despite the very popular misconception, Heathrow International Airport city in London is not the busiest and doesn’t generate considerable air traffic domestic traffic. Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport in Atlanta, GA has been declared as the busiest and most crowded airport. This airport city supplies passengers with a majority of domestic American flights, whereas some are also international. Even considering its current demand, Atlanta Hartsfield is still gaining major popularity as a gateway in and out of the country. Few airports can handle simultaneous landings, because they emanate high risk. However, Atlanta Airport is one of those very few. This airport city has also been declared as one the rare airports that boast the largest amount of nonstop flights. Atlanta is a transit location for an alarmingly large number of international travelers, who stopover at Atlanta Hartsfield mostly.


This airport city features two gateways, once that leads to international departures and arrivals, and another that deals with domestic flights only. Two terminals are also located in the North and South of the airport and these deal with bag claims and passenger check-in. The area between these two terminals is a large Atrium which provides travelers with a large seating area, food kiosks, banks and conference rooms. The upper floors have the security check point and the Ground Transportation Center. The technical staff that communicates with the pilots and assists in landing is found in an exterior building. Six parallel buildings are found for passenger boarding, some of these being connected to the main terminal. All international passengers who go through security checks and other formal procedures eventually arrive at the main terminal. This airport city provides travelers with automated people movers that reduce walking time, keeping the spirit of the fast paced world alive.

Tips and comments

It is essential for busy airports such as Hartsfield, Atlanta to provide customers with services such as support and technical assistance. Delays in flights should be monitored and all passengers should be informed in a timely manner. The ultimate factors that lead to the complete chaos in crowded airports are the lack of guidelines in the form of directions and personnel that discourage gathering at one place. Adequate seating facilities should be available to cater to those facing flight delays. Separate counters should be found in various ideally located places catering to flight inquiries. In order to ensure stability there should be an effect means of communications between trained workers and pilots, to securely land places and deter all means of crashes. All in all, the airport should have a perfect Human Resource Department, so operations can run smoothly and all hassles can be minimized.