Choosing Airport From Orlando
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Choosing Airport From Orlando

Published at 02/05/2012 22:12:53


Choosing Airport From Orlando

Orlando city is amongst the most beautiful cities of the United States of America and is considered one of the top tourist attractions of the country. This marvelous city located at the center of the famous Orange county of Florida is world famous for the Walt Disney World Resort which attracts millions of people from all over the world every year. Other famous tourist spots located in the city include the Universal Studios resort, the Wet’n Wild water park and SeaWorld adventure park, places which are visited by families all around the year.


These attractions make Orlando city the ultimate choice for families who are travelling to America from abroad or US citizens living in other states looking for a place to have a family vacation. Due to the fact that approximately 52 million tourists visit this famous city every year, there are a number of functional airports that connect Orlando to the rest of the world. For potential tourists, the decision to choose an airport from the major ones located in the vicinity of Orlando city may depend mainly on their itinerary, as all the major airports offer a large number of flights to and from different destinations around the world.


The largest of these airports is the Orlando International Airport (MCO), which is the busiest airport in the state of Florida in terms of the passenger traffic that passes through it every year. Most people travelling by commercial air planes travel through the Orlando International Airport as it is considered Orlando’s primary airport, located a few miles southeast of downtown Orlando. A large number of flights are available at the Orlando International Airport from direct flights to every major local US airport to international destinations such as Canada, Bahamas, Jamaica, Mexico, Brazil, France and the United Kingdom. The other major airport situated in the vicinity of the greater Orlando area is the Orlando-Sanford International airport, situated in Sanford, a city north of Orlando. A large number of flights land at the Orlando-Sanford airport from major European destinations and it is considered a hub of air link to the Europe and especially the United Kingdom. Some of the European flights available include First Choice Airways, Thomas Cook Airlines and Flyglobespan; all offering direct and connecting flights to airport from all over the United Kingdom.

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However, apart from these two major airports, there are a number of other options available to tourists who may have different requirements, and the decision to choose the airport from which you take your flight may depend on a number of factors such as ease of accessibility via road, availability of flights and crowdedness etc. For instance, the tourist who wishes to embark on visits to the Gulf coast may find that both these major airports offer little variety of flights to gulf coast localities. Such visitors may want to take a flight from the Tampa International airport, located at a one hour drive from Orlando city.
Therefore, all visitors and tourists should consider their itinerary and their ultimate destination when making a choice for the airport in the vicinity of Orlando from which they want to embark on a journey.