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Finding An Bristol Airport


Bristol, in South-West England, is one of most historical cities of England. It is currently the sixth most populous city of England. Bristol is a city which boasts of pure English culture as its been a city since the 13th century. The city is not only rich in culture but also in employment and education. Bristol has always been one of the modern cities since its formation due to its nearness to the sea. All these attributes make Bristol a fine tourist attraction and every year thousands of people visit Bristol. The Bristol airport fulfills the requirements of all the passengers as its the ninth most busy airport in all of England. Since 2010, the Bristol airport has a new slogan, which completely represents the functioning of the airport, Amazing Journeys Start Here.


The Bristol airport has gone through a lot of changes ever since its formation. It was the third airport to be opened in England when it was inaugurated by the son of King George V's son, Prince George in 1930.Then it was named as Bristol(Whitchurch) airport after the name of the club whose members had helped construct it. After the two world wars, in which the Bristol airport duly played its role, it was renamed as Bristol Lulsgate Airport in 1957. The name of the airport was again changed to Bristol International Airport in 1997 and then finally to Bristol Airport which is the name of the airport as of today. Even after going through all the ups and downs, the Bristol Airport has been one of the best in England.


If one is in Bristol city then it is not hard to locate the Bristol Airport. One can even reach it through public transport. However, locating the right terminal can be bit of a problem. If one is on the road having a transport of their own, the Bristol airport is located in the south of Bristol city and can be reached easily through a map or a GPS system normally available in cars. Furthermore, it would be better if traffic conditions and multiple routes are checked before driving out to the airport as it would be much less time consuming, owing to the heavy traffic in Bristol. If the passenger is traveling his/her own car then the airport's 'meet and greet' service is also present which securely keeps the car until the passenger's return.

Tips and comments

As Bristol airport is one of the heaviest airports in the world, the airport authorities have to keep up their good quality to maintain their reputation. For this purpose signs of direction for reaching the airport are displayed all over Bristol which makes it extremely easy to reach the airport. When one lands at the Bristol airport, the whole experience makes one completely excited about all the awaiting adventure in Bristol city. Although the city or the entrance of the city: the airport hardly has any disadvantages, it is always beneficial to take all the precautionary measures. When looking for the Bristol airport, one should be extremely careful about the lanes and the way, and about breaking any traffic rules.

By Anushay Q., published at 02/05/2012
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