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Best Airport New York

Published at 02/06/2012 23:34:29


New York is one the most famous cities of the world. It is also termed as the cultural capital of the world. New York also happens to be the most populous city of America. One of the most important attribute of New York is, however, is the fact that it is home to UN Headquarters which makes it the center of international diplomacy. New York is considered to be the trend setter in world of fashion, culture, art and commerce. As New York might be the busiest place on Earth, the airport New York which include the John F. Kennedy International Airport, LaGuardia Airport and the Newark Liberty Airport, which is just a little outside New York City, also constitute the biggest airport system in America. What remains to be decided is, which airport is the most efficient?

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In terms of age, the oldest airport of the three airports is the airport Newark Liberty Airport which was constructed in 1928 and at one time was the busiest airport of the world. To cut down the traffic of this airport, another initiative was taken by the administration of New York City and the project for LaGuardia Airport was started and the airport was opened for commercial flights in 1939. The John F. Kennedy Airport, however, opened much later on in the 1950s and wasn't named as the JFK airport until 1963, one month after the assassination of the US President John F. Kennedy. These three airport New York have their own individual history which make them historically significant but these three also constitute together world's second best airport system.

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These three airports of airport New York have their own attributes and it might be a little hard to decide as to which airport is the best. The JFK airport boasts the most efficient transportation system as cars, buses, taxis, helicopters and, most importantly, rail are used for transportation into and out of the airport. On the other hand, the LaGuardia Airport only has 3 ways to get out or into the airport. There are more than 7 terminals in the JFK airport while the LaGuardia only has 4. The airport Newark Liberty has even less terminals. If we speak of the number of passengers each airport carries across the world and America, the JFK airport handled more than 46 million people in 2010, LaGuardia around 24 million while the Newark Liberty airport handled over 33 million people. When considering all these figures, the John F. Kennedy Airport is, by far, the best airport New York


Best Airport New York

Although the JFK airport is the airport which is most efficient, it must not be forgotten that the this airport was designed this way. The two other airports functioned most efficiently when there was a need for them. Today, they might be old, but their historical significance and cultural importance stands much more than the JFK airport. As said earlier, all the three airport new york are best in their own way and nobody can deny that fact