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Portugal Luxury Vacations By Road And Rail


Vacations Portugal, a place that will mesmerize, enchant and take your breath away. Whenever, you plan a vacation you desire a luxurious trip, as a vacation is a breakaway from all the stress and worries of our life, may it be work related or any other. Portugal, sits on the Atlantic Coast at the western end of Peninsula. Portugal shares 1214km lengthy border with Spain. Conditions of the country are rather varied from North to South in relation to the climate. Portugal houses beautiful mountains with deep narrow valleys; picturesque natural beauty, the beaches and the cultural and historic heritage from the eminent past have made Portugal a beloved destination for vacations.


Historically Portugal began from the 7th century. Celts were one of the first occupants who established on the Iberian Peninsula. As time progressed the folkloric alignment of Portugal changed drastically because of the Roman, Greeks, and Phoenicians, who invaded on Portugal grounds in order to settle. During the 1st and 2nd centuries Portugal was ruled by the Roman Empire. During the 8th century Iberian Peninsula was taken over by the Arabs who stayed there for a long period of time. Arabic Influences are clearly visible in the architectural style of the country. It was during the 13th century that Arabs were exiled from the Iberian Peninsula. Before becoming and independent country Portugal went through a series of problems, in 17th century Portugal won the Independence war but lost its place in the world. In 1807 the country was taken over by Napoleon, but shortly Portugal was released from the French hold. Revolution took place in 1820 which resulted in development of a constitution. On 2nd April 1976 the final constitution was adapted Portugal and in 1986 the country became a part of the EU, after that things changed for Portugal and it became a stable sovereign country.


Enough of the history lesson, now it’s time for vacations portugal. Going to Portugal by road or train is the most luxurious ways to travel, by that I mean you get to see the scenic beauty of Europe and the thrill of adventure. Here are a few sights in Portugal that you must visit, Alfama District is one of the oldest parts of Lisbon and at one time this held the whole country by the moors, but now one sees a labyrinth of narrow streets and squares. The District houses the Lisbon cathedral and several restaurants that one must try. The National Palace of Portugal sits on top of the Hill Sintra, a world heritage site. It provides the scenic views of the Sintra-cascais Natural Park that embraces the Serra de Sintra and the western point of the continental Europe. You can find many Portuguese mementoes shops. There is so much more that awaits you in Portugal, Grab your car Keys and the hit the road to the magical world of vacations portugal.

Tips and comments

Going on a road trip, is an exciting way to enjoy your vacations portugal. There are just a few things that you should bear in my mind. Foremost check your car properly as you don’t want any car trouble while you’re going on a trip. Keep your medicines, ID’s and traveling itinerary with you, as losing any of them can make things distasteful and ruin your plans for a fun vacation. Buckle your seat belts put on some nice music and get ready to enjoy your vacations portugal.

By Anushay Q., published at 01/17/2012
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