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How To Choose the Best Package Vacation

Published at 02/04/2012 13:04:20


Vacations packages are a great way to combine several of the things you plan to do on your trip into one price. Package vacations are often cheaper than doing each activity and attraction individually and can help make your trip more organized. There are a variety of different types of package vacations, so it is important to compare several before choosing the one that is right for you.

Step 1

Decide what types of hotel, extras and attractions you want included in your package vacation. Some package vacations include hotels, airfare, and car rentals. Others include the hotel stay, meals and discounted tickets to nearby attractions. Consider the age of your children or people who will be traveling with you when you choose the attractions you plan to attend. Children may enjoy amusement parks, water parks, museums and animal exhibits. Adults may enjoy fine dining, bars or clubs and live show tickets. When choosing a package vacation, try to find one that includes something for everyone in your family or travel group.

Step 2

Set a budget for your vacation or trip and try to find a package vacation that helps your stay within the budget. Think about the areas where you spend the most money and try to find package options that can help you save in these areas. If you eat out often while traveling, look for package vacations that include dinner vouchers, coupons or discounts. Some hotel packages include dinner in the hotel restaurant for no additional charge. If you spend a lot of money on entertainment, look for packages that include attraction and event tickets or offer them at discounted prices. Many package vacations also offer shopping discounts as well. You should also consider how you travel during your vacations. If you spend a lot of money on your flight, car rental or public transportation, choose a package that combines the travel methods with the hotel.

Step 3

Consider purchasing an all inclusive package vacation. These packages are popular at resort hotels and on cruises. They include everything you may need on your vacation for one price. This means you do not have to worry about extra money or surprise expenses. All inclusive package vacations typically include lodging, travel to the cruise or resort, all meals, drinks, entertainment and attractions on site and a variety of other services and luxuries. The details of each package may vary by resort and price. In some situations you can customize the package vacation to fit your interests and budgets. All inclusive packages are typically ordered directly from the cruise line or resort and are charged to a credit card. Gratuities, port fees and certain services may not be included in package vacations.

Step 4

Consider purchasing a timeshare package for your vacations. Timeshare companies often offer discounted package vacations to travelers as a way to attract them to their timeshare and attempt to sell it to them. Most timeshare packages require you to tour a timeshare property during one day of your vacation. In exchange for your time and interest, you are rewarded with a package vacation that usually includes a hotel stay and tickets to area attractions. Timeshare packages are often inexpensive but have certain restrictions and requirements to qualify.


When purchasing an all-inclusive package, bring extra cash and money in case of an emergency.

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