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Cheap Venice Vacations - Seeing Venice The Inexpensive Way


Whenever there is talk on the city of art and dreams, many people think of Rome, Florence and of course, Venice. The residents of Venice simply refuse to see any other place more significantly artistic than their own City of Water which is in one respect true. Tiny streets, tiny scooter and cars and the romantic Gondola rides serving as taxis and busses make it truly a city of romance. The entire town is fashioned from many small islands with over 400 bridges connecting the streets. Venice vacations are the ideal vacations for family and couples. However, this also makes it a very expensive place for most tourist who wish to see it. Tourists in Venice are charged huge amounts of money for even the simplest things because the entire city comprises of mostly tourists all year round. This article will give you tips and advice on how to experience and enjoy Venice  the most inexpensive way.


Venice has a very rich history. Although it’s exact origin is unknown, it is believed that it initially was a refuge for the exiled of nearby Roman cities. It is basically a clump of islands that are connected through many bridges. This maze of water bodies and bridges is what makes this city unique and beautiful.


Look for rooms and lodges closest to the places you want to visit. Sometimes even if they are comparatively more expensive, you’ll save money and time on commuting. Most people waste time and energy on trying to get to the places they want to visit, using guidebooks with unclear addresses, confusing even to the locals along with the language barrier. You can opt to stay in close by cities like Padua, where the lodgings and restaurants are much more cheap. You can easily take a train into the city. There are even lodging agents who coax you into staying at their lodge for cheap. Do not ignore them. Check out their rooms and if you find them satisfactory, go for them. Also, opt for off season to visit Venice if possible. You’ll spend almost half as less on food and rooms than you would in the summers. The area around Piazza San Marco is packed and jammed with expensive restaurants and eateries. You’ll have to spend big bucks if you want to eat here. Avoid the area and go for more local and cheap food at a trattoria which is like a local establishment of Italian style cooking. You’ll be dining in with natives and will have much better experience of local Italian cuisine. Venice vacations are more fun to explore on foot than on wheels. In fact, in Venice you don’t even have the option of wheels. The Gondola rides take you around town, which almost all couples dream of experiencing. But like any other famous romantic experience, it’s very expensive. You can use vaporettos, a sort of floating bus service, which is much cheaper. They charge you for hourly rides so buying bulk hours entitles you to a discount.

Tips and comments

Be it Venice vacations or any other vacation, being on budget is very important as once you are done with your holidays, you do not want the burden of paying off debts. Venice although is an expensive choice for vacations, but like all other expensive cities of the world, it makes room for all those tourists who are on a budget.

By Amara, published at 01/09/2012
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