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Hungary For A Holiday? Why More Brits Are Heading East For Their Vacations


Hungary is one of the small countries of the world. It is located in the middle of central Europe. It is also amongst the oldest countries of Europe. The capital of this country is Budapest. The terrain of Hungary of is mostly flat with low mountains in the north and northeast. The climate of Hungary is moderate. For all the reasons above, Hungary vacations make for an excellent time.


People of Hungary embraced Western Christianity in the first millennium AD. For almost 1000 years, Hungary had the monarchy system intact. Despite this, their system was far more modern than those that exist in most European states today. The communists took over Hungary before the elections of 1956. The revolution continued to stir and the people of this country got independence in 1956. There are several different ethnic groups in Hungary which include Magyar, Romany, German, Serb, Slovak and others.


There are many low cost airlines which can take you to Hungary. The Capital Of Hungary Budapest is the most beautiful city, and is also known as the pearl of Danube. Budapest is among the most beautiful cities of the world.  At night, when the city is enveloped in darkness, the lights look amazing. It has the most wonderful view at night. The Buda Palace is a huge palace which now also serves as a library. Castle Hill is also known as the Buda's 'old town’, which has been a cultural point of the city for centuries. Furthermore, the chain bridge has a connection with British people as the person who designed the bridge was also a British. The Gellit Hill is a tourist spot which is visible from almost anywhere in Budapest. The freedom monument which is located on the peak is the eye of the tourists in Hungary. As the monument is visible from everywhere, it is said to be the landmark of the city. Places which attract tourists the most are the art museum, the Budapest eye and the Buda hills. For people who are fond of spending time outside in the open air, this place can be the best option for them. The people of this country have been taking care of its cleanliness; the division of the rivers and streams is outstanding. This country has the Europe's largest lake. Danube is Europe's second largest river. It creates a roadway up to northern Budapest. Some of the places you can visit in Danube Bend are Szentendre, Hilltop Citadel, Vac, Christian Museum, and Borzsony and Pilis Hills, etc. The famous “Hungarian Sea” or Lake Balaton is the perfect escape from the high summer temperatures for most of the locals. The width of the lake is 15 km while it is 78 km long. The tourist spot is the southern coast which houses the best and some of the highest resorts and hotels of Hungary. To make the experience more localized, there are many shack and other stalls selling all kinds of things on the beach. The best thing is that you can take your children for a swim in these waters as they have been declared safe for them, albeit under supervision. The utter beauty and the warm weather are what attract the British to this place for vacations.

Tips and comments

British people are light skinned. Hence, whenever you plan to go on Hungary vacations, make sure you take a good sun block with you. Also, pack appropriate clothes that match the weather there.

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Hungary For A Holiday? Why More Brits Are Heading East For Their Vacations. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.