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Cuba Vacations: Top 5 Beaches

Cuba Vacations: The Ultimate Experience you will never forget

Are you planning for a perfect getaway of the bustling city life? Are you thinking of the Caribbean places to explore? Then, why not try Cuba vacations as part of your lists. Cuba vacations will be incomplete if you will not experience their magnificent coastline. Experience Cuba’s top -5 beaches, which Cuba can offer. Cuba’s top -5 beaches are incomparable from other beaches in the world. You will be amazed of their clear water, fine white sands, and world of underwater species. These beaches are paradise in itself yet still offer scuba diving and perfect waves for surfing. 

Exploring the Best Beaches in Cuba

Exploring the beaches of Cube would be full of fun and excitement. However, before that, you should take note that that there are certain rules you must observed on these beaches. Nudity is not allowed to some beaches, so before taking your buff off- out in the sun better to know their beaches rules. Here is the list of top-5 beaches you should not miss while taking your Cuba vacations.

1.  Cayo Largo

This beach does not only offer fine sand and perfect waves but also a good spot for diving. Located at the east side of Cuba, the beach is about 25 kilometers stretched throughout the island with some commercial shops and restaurants. The greenish-blue water is the home of thousand of underwater species and explores the 16th century ship wracks through scuba diving.

2.Cayo Santa Maria

It is an island in itself but with its 7 miles of white sands makes it as one of the top-5 beaches in Cuba. Birds of all its beauty are common to this island beach. Seagulls, Tocoroco, and flamingo are among the common birds in the island. The island is not only a perfect getaway for taking sunbath but as well as a haven for animal lovers.

3.  Playa Ancon

One of the safest beaches in Cuba is Playa Ancon. It has minimal waves, which is safe for children. A perfect place for family bonding while doing snorkeling or scuba diving.


Other beaches

4.       Varadero

One of the beaches in Cuba that is near to the capital city of Havana is Varadero. If you want to enjoy the great water of Cuba while doing some shopping in the capital city, then this is the perfect place to be. This beach has lots of tourist and locals alike enjoying the sun and waves every day. If you really wanted to enjoy the real Cuban life then, do not miss this place on your Cuba Vacations.

5.       Guardalavaca

The Guardalavaca beach is not only famous of their clear blue water and fine sand but for its scuba diving spots. The beach has been known for its wonderful diving spots like underwater caves and unique coral formation. The presence of luxury hotels and resorts makes it as one of the favorite Cuba’s vacation destinations.

The great way to your Cuba Vacations:

The next time you plan your Caribbean exploration, do not forget to top on your list the Cuba Vacations, and explore its top-5 beaches that you will never regret. The fun in the beaches, the sun, waves will surely relax yourself, and you can only find it in your Cuba vacations. You can reach Cuba through plane or you can also enjoy the Caribbean cruise.

By Hannah Aliposa, published at 01/06/2012
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Cuba Vacations: Top 5 Beaches. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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