Singapore Vacations Packages -  Top Tourist Attractions
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Singapore Vacations Packages - Top Tourist Attractions

Published at 01/08/2012 12:22:19


Singapore Vacations Packages -  Top Tourist Attractions

There was a time when Singapore was a picture of pearl lugers and opium dens, now those days are gone. Singapore has now become a first world country with rapid technological advancements. It is a modern country, rich in culture and tradition. We can see Chinese, Malay and Indian traditions all going existing simultaneously in Singapore. It is a beautiful place where one can experience a variety of things like fascinating cultures, delicacy of food and exquisite shopping. If one is planning Singapore vacations for the first time, make sure you thoroughly d your research beforehand so that are able to make the most of your trip. 


Singapore Vacations Packages -  Top Tourist Attractions

Singapore was called Temasek (Sea Town) when it used to be a part of a massive empire called Sri Vijayan in the 14th century. It was a meeting point for various sea routes. Most of the inhabitants were fishermen. In 18th century, the British Empire wanted the Dutch power to diminish which led to the establishment of Singapore. The founder of modern Singapore is Sir Stamford Raffles who made it a trading station. Free trading was soon developed, so a lot of merchants from not only Asia but also Middle East and US were drawn towards this place. On 9th August 1965, Singapore gained freedom and became an independent republic. 


Singapore Vacations Packages -  Top Tourist Attractions

There are several types of packages available for Singapore vacations. It all depends on the kind of trip that you are planning. Whether you need a holiday package, honeymoon package, city break package or a shopping package, al are available here. Details of all these packages are just a click away on the internet. In order to make your holidays worthy and memorable, it is essential to visit the right places. People travel thousands of miles to take a tour of this warm tropical country. There are so many attractions that one will find lack of time to see and enjoy all. Singapore Integrated Resorts are two casino resorts in Singapore called Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa. They have everything starting from classy shopping to 24 hours casino arcade. To soak a little more into the culture, there is Little India which has rows of shops depicting Indian culture, don't forget to visit Mustafa Centre. There are great shopping deals out there. China Town is an exotic place to visit. It is usually termed as a culture maniacs haven as it has everything from beautiful statuettes to mouth watering Chinese food.  Kampong Glam depicts the Malay culture in Singapore. Heaps of textiles, handicrafts and boutiques will be found here. Sentosa Island is finest sandy beach and has a mesmerizing view. It's a great spot to relax and have fun with friends and family. History lovers can take a stroll down the Singapore River and see several well preserved colonial buildings that were built during the colonial era. Orchand road is a must visit for shopping lovers. There are endless shopping malls with the best of the best available. Snow city is first Singapore’s snow filled centre made for enjoyment, Skiing and snowboarding purposes.


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This article has given some insight on the culture, history and the top attractions in Singapore. If someone is planning Singapore vacations, then a great time surely awaits him. Singapore is a place which has history still well preserved and great culture despite modernization. Once you are in Singapore, you will never regret it. Time can be short but the attractions are never ending.