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Thinking Of Morocco Vacations?


Morocco is situated in north western side of African continent. Mediterranean Sea on its northern end meanwhile Atlantic Ocean makes it western coastline and the great Sahara deserts merges in from south eastern side. Its geographical location definitely gives this region a mix of all climate regions making it a go to spot for tourists from all over the world. Thinking about your vacations is one thing but being a traveler myself I know firsthand that it’s not that simple. First of all you want to spend those free days in a place you’re absolutely sure you will love and enjoy. Then there is of course the money value, the question whether this place you’re planning to go will give u that satisfaction you’re hoping for. In all this a person going alone or with family does get confused whether vacations morocco is for him/her or not! Reading through this article you will give you basic idea of what Moroccan vacations can be like and can help you make the right decision. 


Rich culture and history adds to its charismatic beauty.  Moroccan land is jeweled with historic monuments. Mosque of Koutoubia first built in 1147, is considered to be most significant landmark in Marrakech. This monument is work of art with minarets as high as 77 meters, towering upon the skyline. City Ramparts in Marrakech is another one of attractions for tourists around the world. Eight to ten meter high wall stretching along 10 kilometers served an inspiration for the gates Moroccan city.  Marrakech is rich in Moroccan heritage and is its former capital. 


Morocco as a country has developed and tourism is its front runner industry. Being a traveler that’s a great sign as it ensures top notch accommodation and tours around the best places of Morocco.  In morocco your places to visit should include Marrakech, Fes, Meknes, and Ait Benhaddo and if you have time on your hands then definitely Atlas Mountains which feature the highest peaks in Moroccan land.  Marrakech will give you the hustle and bustle of old bazaars, scenic beauty of its cultural heritage and landmarks to explore around. It’s situated on footsteps of Atlas Mountains. It’s best to avoid summer heat and visit in cooler days between May and September. But annual festivals do take place in summers which you don’t want to miss. These festivals feature folk singers and attract artists from Europe and Asia. Fes is morocco’s oldest city and is now UNESCO‘s world heritage site. This city is full of life built upon collective 9000 narrow streets. Fes is morocco’s culture and essence. Old medina in Fes serves the greatest attraction for tourists; most comfortable way to get there is via a travel guide you can get from your hotel or from Riad. Vacations morocco will also give you the opportunity to explore Sahara desert, riding camel backs and journey in the wide horizon will give you the thrill you might be seeking. 

Tips and comments

These few places named and talked about are the most famous spots in morocco for travelling.
Timing your vacations in cooler months will be a better experience for you. This region tends to get quite hot in summers. Tour guides are the best way around things here. There are plenty of good tour guides available in hotels you’re staying in. Final note that you can take is: Don’t overwhelm yourself by travelling too much, plan out which places in a city you will like to visit according to your liking. Exhaustion has proved to get you fever and that can take your few precious days away. 

By Sidra Rana, published at 01/08/2012
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Thinking Of Morocco Vacations?. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.