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The Colombian Myth Exposed - No Longer A Vacations Danger


Colombia is officially known as the Republic of Colombia. The country is situated in the northwestern South America where it is bordered to the east by Venezuela and Brazil. The Caribbean Sea lies on the north of this country. Colombia is the perfect place for holidays and travelers love discovering different things in this amazingly mythical land. Columbia vacations offer wide range of activities that are spell-bounding. The modern architecture of the country with skyscrapers does not say all about this beautiful country. This is a place located on the equator so you can imagine the kind of weather there: the sun is always shinning bright on the head, the soft sand tickling your feet and beautiful places that are a feast for the eyes. Columbia vacations, against all opposition, make for the perfect getaway.



After decades of civil conflicts, Colombia came into being. Colombian culture is just like the weather of this country. This means that it changes as you go higher and higher in the country. In early days, Colombia was on one of those countries with a high level of violence and drugs usage but now it is the center of attraction for tourist. The level of violence has dropped and people have started feeling safe while going there. Thus, safe and enjoyable Columbia vacations are possible now.



Colombia was a paradise to corruption, drugs and violence with people dying every day. Murders were very common in this country but as time passed, people and the government started taking real action against this kind of situations and thus, it started moving towards the betterment. Colombia was never a place not to be visited. It was just made hell with the bad guys and the lord of drugs in this country. The famous TV shows like Miami Vice and movies like Scarface, have repeatedly been telling the whole world that this is not a good city. The impression was that the country is run by the main players of the international drug trade and their businesses. The history of terrorism, violence and crime bubbled up into the news so that the whole world could know about it. However, according to the recent update, violence in Colombia has decreased a lot. Many paramilitary groups have demobilized, and many others have lost control in many areas where they once dominated. People live their lives freely now and can enjoy this beautiful country that was once in the dark. Columbia vacations are now a reality. Tourists are heading towards this country now to see the diverse and beautiful attractions. You can definitely enjoy the wonderful beaches of this country including the amazing city of Cartagena. Medellin’s Festival of the Flowers is also very famous here and tourists from different parts of the world especially come to see that. The national parks have an amazing view with the beautiful sky and lush green beauty, not to forget the Tayrona National Nature Park on the Caribbean coast that is one of the incredible parks of Columbia.


Tips and comments

The problems that do exist in Colombia can create trouble and can make your holidays a disaster if you don’t take proper care and ask people about it. Keep on getting all the updates and news if you are planning to visit. Other than that there is nothing that can ruin your Columbia vacations!


By Amara, published at 01/06/2012
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The Colombian Myth Exposed - No Longer A Vacations Danger. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.