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Secret Vacations Spots Near Puerto Vallarta



Puerto Vallarta is located in Mexico. It lies along the Pacific Ocean. The place is known for its resorts and beaches. It is the most popular destination of Mexico. This place is famous for many reasons: firstly, the bull fighting. People from all over the world come here to see bull fighting. Secondly, they sell mouth watering Tacos, so people who love them must visit to have these delicious tacos. Be it couples, families or friends, this is a place to have fun with everyone. You cannot say that Puerto Vallarta vacations are not exciting because this is the place where you options ranging from bungee jumping to bull fighting, swimming with the dolphins and what not. In short this place is a whole package of great and memorable vacations.




Puerto Vallarta was not actually a place very famous for tourism until recently. It was back in the 90's when people from all over the world started coming here as tourists. After collecting funds from the locals for tourism, the government decided to put all the funds in promoting the best destinations of this place. Now the beach is amongst the most famous and world class beaches of the world and the resorts have also maintained their standards up to the point. This has made what Vallarta vacations mean now.




In the North of the beach, there is a whole area where people can do surfing. Many Mexican people come here to learn how to surf. There are lifeguards available all the time and people enjoy these water-related activities. This place has mountains which can be a perfect spot for picnic. The place is famous for the beautiful view. You can even go for horse riding. There is an eco turtle park where you can enjoy watching the turtles swimming. Then in winters, there is whale watching where you can just sit in the resort and enjoy the perfect view of whales and dolphins. The best part is that you can watch all this for free. Just sit in your resort or on the bay and you will find those whales and dolphins jumping and swimming. With the most beautiful beaches, this place also has low cost resorts which can help you saving money. You can find some of the most popular activities like snorkeling and boat rides. Thus, Vallarta vacations cost relatively low so travelling to this exciting place can be very cheap as well as entertaining. There are a number of spas where you can relax yourself. There are many places for fine dining where you get the most incredible tacos and hot dogs. If it’s dining and nightlife you’re looking for, Puerto Vallarta has some great options. There are restaurants including different cuisines of the world like French, Italian and of course, authentic Mexican food! The night life of this place is amazing. They have loads of bars, discotheques and clubs that will keep you partying until wee hours of the morning.


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So if you have your vacations coming up and you are thinking for a place where you can have all the entertainment and fun, then you should keep Puerto Vallarta in mind because this place has everything one can wish for. With an exciting nightlife and the beautiful beaches to enjoy in the morning, Vallarta vacations are simply the best!


By Amara, published at 01/07/2012
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