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Santa Fe Vacations - Art & Food In America's Southwest


The capital of the state of New Mexico is Santa Fe, renowned for its vast cultural heritage and historical background. Santa Fe is a tourist hotspot. If you are an art and food enthusiast in looking for southwest vacations, then Santa Fe could prove to be your best bet in the region. This article will explore various aspects of Santa Fe that make it the best destination for southwest vacations.


Santa Fe used to be a Spanish colony in the 17th century. It became a US state in 1912. At that time it was decided that all new development should not in any way harm the traditional inheritance of the city. This has contributed to the rich historical heritage that is still present in the city. The 20th century saw a new trend. A lot of artists and architects were attracted towards the city, such as Georgia O'Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz. This was partly due the diverse cultural history of Santa Fe and partly due to its relatively low population density. This trend contributed to the development of the city as a hub of Art and culture in the region. Many new buildings that were constructed in the city were inspired from historical architecture.  Similarly the formation of the Santa Fe opera by Igor Stravinsky resulted in the progress of the musical aspect of the city and increased its appeal as the main attraction for southwest vacations.


So now you’ve decided that Santa Fe is where you’re going to fulfill your art and culinary needs. This article will be your guide to making the best out of your southwest vacations. Like many popular tourist destinations, Santa Fe has its very own central square, where you can find a vast number of things to do. You can start of by visiting one of the many museums present. Luckily most of them are near to one another and you can travel by foot in-between them. The New Mexico museum of art and the museum of international folk art are must see places for all art lovers. Santa Fe also has quite a few impressive architectural landmarks. St. Francis Cathedral, Loretto Chapel, San Miguel Mission, Santuario de Guadalupe and the Scottish Rite Temple are some of the must see churches that boast stunning architecture and are open to visits by tourists. For those enticed by theater and musical arts, Santa Fe can be the place to be. There seems to be a never ending series of festivals that take place around the year. Many theaters play host to musical and theatrical events. A variety of plays are performed both musical and dramatic in nature. Santa Fe and New Mexico as a whole is renowned for its spicy food. Red and green chilies are a must in every dish. The restaurants fit every type of budget. Ranging from exquisite culinary centers to fast food dine ins. The number of restaurants is huge. Five and dime is for when you are on a low budget, Tomasita’s is comparatively more mid-range, and if money is no object then, La casa Sena and coyote’s café should be tried.

Tips and comments

Food and art is what Santa Fe specializes at. Anyone considering southwest vacations is sure to have a fulfilling and memorable experience. One ending word of advice would be that anyone visiting Santa Fe shouldn’t miss out on their famous margarita and sangria drinks.

By Amara, published at 01/09/2012
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Santa Fe Vacations - Art & Food In America's Southwest. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.