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It’s amazing how we know so little of the world. There is so much beauty that surrounds us but sadly we have sort of become immune to it all; we take everything for granted. If you stop for a minute and care to spend a few moments trying to take in all the colors that are around you, you’ll be shocked to realize that you didn’t see them before. Everyone’s stuck in this idea that you need to work hard and make more money but no one seems to have given any thought as to what they are going to do when they finally do have enough money. Life is unpredictable, and there are so many things and so many places that we are yet to see. One such place is Auckland. Auckland is a city so incredibly beautiful that it will make you question yourself. It will make you wonder if you have truly ever lived. Auckland vacations could be the food that your soul has been longing for. Auckland vacations maybe calling out to you.


Auckland was founded in 1840 and is the second largest city in New Zealand. It is a city famous for the buildings that make it so beautiful. Auckland is particularly famous for the Sky Tower which is known to be 328 meters long, and is said to be the tallest structure in the Southern Hemisphere. In 2006, Auckland was ranked 23rd on the list of the world’s richest cities. Except for a few days during the summer, Auckland’s weather is rather pleasant throughout the year and attracts lots of tourists that prefer to get a taste of the Auckland vacations.


Auckland offers you ever activity that you could think of. If you’re looking to make your Auckland vacations all about sports and the adrenaline rush, you don’t to look much further. Similarly, if you are hoping to spend your vacations rather quietly and peacefully, then again, Auckland is the answer. Auckland offers all three activities; land activities, air activities, and water activities. A great sport that Auckland features is kayaking. If you’re up for it, spend a few days getting trained by qualified instructors and jump right in. In fact, for most of the activities that you will find in Auckland, you will first need to get trained. How does hand-gliding sound, or how about paragliding, or kite surfing? Auckland has water all around it, so go out for fishing and try your luck finding yourself a marlin, or if you prefer sailing, then do that. There is honestly so much to do that you wouldn’t know where to start. Go out for walks amongst beautifully lit buildings or near the beach; you will have wonderful sights all around you either way. And if you’re really in the mood, wake up early morning and go for a swim in the Kitekite falls. If you feel like enjoying a few hours in the sea, then find a boat to take you to the Hauraki Gulf where you will have dolphins swimming right next to you. Auckland also offers some of the most beautiful accommodations; hotels and luxurious rooms that are so comfortable that you wouldn’t mind staying inside for the better part of your vacations. These accommodations come with every in-house facility and are equipped with gyms and spas and whatever comes in between.  However, do not let the comfort of being at home make you lazy. These vacations are not about sleeping and catching up on the news, they are about stepping outside and interacting with people and witnessing beautiful sights.

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Seriously, it doesn’t get any more beautiful than that. Auckland is without doubt one of the most beautiful and lovely cities in the whole wide world. If you are tired and beat down, then think no more and pack your bags for an Auckland vacation. It’s time for you to see how much more there is to life than just chasing after money or success.

By Sidra Rana, published at 01/10/2012
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Vacations In Luxury Accommodation In Auckland. 3 of 5 based on 10 votes.