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Ten Ideal Trip Ideas For Families On Food Vacations


Several people have themes set when they are planning vacations. Some people go for relaxing purposes, exploring purposes whereas there are some people who travel to explore the food. If a family loves to eat, then food vacations are the perfect choice for them. The more exotic and beautiful the place is the chances for food to be even more mouth watering are bright. The best way is to ask a local to show you around so you can explore and indulge into their cuisines and savor the most tantalizing dishes in the world. Food vacations are the best kind of vacations!


Some people have the wisdom of eating. They eat minimum processed food as they are aware of the unhealthy aspects of it. It can lead to fatty liver disease and some other diseases. Every culture has different eating habits and culinary styles. Some of the people really care about what they eat. They make sure that their intake is as healthy as it can be whereas, there are some people who do not care about their food intakes and just dwell into taste, such are the people who usually plan food vacations with families.


If a family is planning food vacations, there are several trip ideas for them. Barcelona, Spain is a lovely place to be. The main ingredients that they use in their food are garlic, tomatoes and olive oil. Barcelona's cuisine is inspired by Mediterranean countries. New Orleans is the home of Cajun and Creole cuisine. People there have a deep relationship with food. The food there is influenced by African and Caribbean food. The good thing is that in New Orleans the food is very inexpensive so family don't have to worry a lot about their pocket. Orleans is famous for po'boy sandwiches. Chengdu, China is famous for flavors and there is a lot of use chili and pepper in their food. A lot of influences are there in Chengdu cuisines. New York is a great place to plan family food trip as there is a lot of variety of ethnic food. From most expensive nine course meal to the least expensive food trucks are available. Tuscany, Italy is a charming place with the most charming food ever. There are a lot of use of olives, white beans and grapes in their food. The signature style of Tuscan food is simplicity. If you and your family loves Italian food then there is no other better place than Tuscan. Napa Valley, CA is a beautiful place for only food but also wine lovers. The restaurants in Napa valley serve organic food. Beef and poultry vegetarian foods are served with heavy sauces. For people who prefer organic food more than anything must visit Boulder, Co. Pearl Street is full of bars and restaurants; it will be a classic experience for organic food loving families. Paris is not only for lovers but also food lovers. They take food to the next level, cooking for them is an art. Paris specializes in wine, bread and cheese. Paris specializes in mouth watering and tempting cakes filled with fruits.  

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This article tells that there are so many places where it is ideal to plan food vacations with families, there are food lovers all over the world who actually travel to places for the sake of food. Top ten places are mentioned in this article which can be termed as food lovers’ heaven. Almost every country's cuisine is inspired by some or other country. The luscious smell of seafood to the beautiful cut of vegetables can surely drag a food lover to visit far, far away and plan vacations with families. 

By Sidra Rana, published at 01/08/2012
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