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Vermont Vacations And The Seven Wonders Of The Green Mountain State


Vermont is a region of the United States and is present in the New England. It comprises pf the Green Mountain State which is a beautiful place famous for its land and the beautiful areas. These beautiful areas are among the many reasons people go for Vermont vacations. The seven wonders of the State of Green Mountain and the many attractive activities like hiking and skiing are also why people go for Vermont vacations. Basically, the area comprises of forests of many kinds.


The state of Vermont was created many years ago. At first it comprised mainly of mountains that were quite rigid and then these mountains eroded. Now these mountains are in a more humble form than they were before. Vermont is mainly a combination of many forests like coniferous, pine, etc and provides habitat for millions of species of plant, shrubs, animals and birds. These mountains and the beautiful forests are the basic reason for Vermont vacations.


When you go on Vermont vacations, there are many things that you just have to watch. These include the Vermont State House which is a golden building, used by the Vermont Legislation for their meetings. There are also Burlington Waterfront and Church Street which are a historical trademark for the State and have many galleries, shops, restaurants and one of the best music shops that has music from all over the world. During the summer season, going to the restaurants that are present on mountains is a must because without that your vacation is incomplete. There are restaurants which cater to the best Vermont food both traditional and continental. These restaurants are not that expensive and when it comes to tourists who come to visit from faraway lands, the people of Vermont treat them warmly since the local people are very hospitable and friendly. Manchester Center is also a must to visit if you love shopping because this place is known as the shopper's paradise. In this place you can find things of every price and of every quality. Vermont is famous for its delicious Maple syrup and cheddar cheeses so while there try these delicacies. They can even be a good souvenir for the folks at home. Breweries are also very famous and it is said that the most delicious and high quality breweries are made here and these drinks are sold at a really high price. The state of Vermont has many kinds of breweries to offer, ranging from the low quality to the high quality and with different prices of course.

Tips and comments

Vermont vacations require a lot of carefulness because the mountainous state is also famous for the really large number of pocket pickers and must also be careful because the crime rate is really high. If you plan to go on vacations to the beautiful state of forests and mountains you should avoid the hunting season which is October and November and be safe from accidental shooting. While on vacation, skiing is a must. Use the marks that are specially marked for skiing and avoid using the unmarked areas for skiing because they can be dangerous. Vermont is a great place for vacations if all precautionary measures are taken.

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Vermont Vacations And The Seven Wonders Of The Green Mountain State. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.