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Best Places In Europe For Summer Vacations


Summer in Europe is everyone’s dreams. Spending a night in Paris, shopping in London or golf in Portugal, each activity is a delightful experience in itself. Yes they got it all. During your vacations, Europe offers you such a vast variety of options to explore and have fun in that even the most frequent travelers don’t get to see it all. You’ll probably spend hours just deciding where in Europe to spend your summers. Well we have here a list of the top cities to visit during the summer to help you plan your vacation.


If you like art than Edinburgh is the place to be in your vacation. The Capital of Scotland hosts some of the best art festivals in the world starting from July end till early September. The International Festival features various musical and theatre productions. There are also other, e.g. Jazz and Blues Festival, The International Film Festival, which is perhaps the biggest art festival in the world spanning over 25 days, all with the Edinburgh castle as backdrop. In summer Scotland is truly worshipping art and culture throughout the months. Whether you want to just hang out at the beach, enjoy the fun festivals and events or just tour and explore, France will provide you with all those experiences. The country is known to have some of the most exotic beaches in the continent like the St. Tropez and Cannes. The country is surrounded by both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea. Summer is also the time when France holds two of its major events Tour de France: an annual bicycle race that lasts 3 weeks in several countries and Bastille Day which the French National Day. And who can forget about the ever city of love Paris and fun jammed family theme park Disney Land. It’s the ultimate vacation place. Italy is also one of the most popular place to spend your summer vacation if you’re a fan of bright sunny days and heat. You can just relax and sunbath in one of Italy’s warm sunny beaches or tour the ancient cities and festivals. Italy is recognized for great food, amazing landmarks including the roman coliseum, the leaning tower and the city of water Venice.


Whenever you hear the term “Swiss” all you can imagine is cold, snow and skiing. Well Switzerland has a lot more to offer its tourists. If you’re a fan of exploring old cities and unique ancient architecture then Berne is your target.  The city was built with local sandstone and has unique towers, building and fountains. In fact, due to its impressive medieval architecture, UNESCO has announced it a world Heritage Site. And if you’re a fan of adventure then visit the great Swiss mountains where you’ll get spectacular views, amazing camping experience and the hike of your life. It even has great lakes and resorts in towns and villages like Davos and Grindelwald. Well known for its romantic canals and its 17th century architecture, Amsterdam is the heart of Holland and is bound to get you roaring. The city is known for having the wildest and biggest parties all year long with one of the largest diversified population in the world. If you’re looking for a fun and thrilling vacation, Europe has all the exciting cities like Amsterdam.

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Of course, who can ignore shopping in London, the great wine countries of Europe, summer in Spain and so much more? So, pack your bags, book an air ticket for your vacations, Europe being the destination and make your holiday a memorable one.

By Amara, published at 01/10/2012
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