A Wonderful Norway Holiday Vacations
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A Wonderful Norway Holiday Vacations

Published at 01/10/2012 15:17:24


A Wonderful Norway Holiday Vacations

Norway is the north most European country, is engulfed in cold climate of the arctic region. Although being an overall cool centric region, it presents all the arctic activities around for its inhabitants to enjoy and make the best of the apparently sluggish climate that people envision it by around the world. Rich in history, landscapes and scenic mastery it attracts many tourists to this Scandinavian Peninsula. Sweden and Finland lie in East of Norway whereas to the west lies the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Norway vacations are often not taken into consideration, primarily because of the chill factor prevalent in these lands. But being familiar of what this country can offer to tourists I can guarantee that they are much to compete with as compared to what its warmer habitants of the planet might provide. These vacations are the mix of arctic activities, breathing in magnificent landscapes and having a glimpse of the great Vikings.


A Wonderful Norway Holiday Vacations

Vikings were dwelling in Oslo, Norway around 800 AD. Their sea vessels and their beautiful long ships are present to this day at the Viking museum and in Viking Land Park.


A Wonderful Norway Holiday Vacations

Planning out any holiday, few of many questions we ask ourselves is “what to do when we/I get there that we/I can enjoy” and “Is this the right place to go for us/me?” Yes no matter where ever you these questions will always be stuck in your mind unless you know for sure that this place has the potential to make your holidays amazing. If same is the case for you that this read will give you the insight what you might be looking for.
In Norway vacations you experience everything starting up from pure adrenaline kicking sporting activities to visualizing beauty in landscapes on Norway or partying it out in the amazing nightlife of Norway.  Your visit should be focused on either all or one of these three cities Bergen, Oslo and Trondheim. These places offer the most of you can get in Norway urban life. Bergen is the warmest cities of Norway during winter and is along the west coast line. Bergen features a quite famous place “Club/Disco”, with an artsy yet creative ambiance to it. Nigh life spent here will be more on the unusual side which you wouldn’t have experienced before. It’s quite near to Oslo you can visit the two almost with ease. Oslo being the capital of Norway should be at the top of your list.  It offers Norway’s rich culture and history, building structures more than 1000 years old are still present there. It has literally so many activities for you that nothing will have to be repeated twice in Oslo for your doing. Trondheim is a smaller city compare to the two and it offers more of a fairytale ambiance to its visitors which makes it special. Famous for its sea food, has the largest church in Northern Europe “Nidaros Cathedral”.

Tips and comments

Any vacation can be wonderful if only you are made aware that it’s the right fit for your interests or not. Before starting off with your Norway vacations make sure you’re packing the right things for your trip. Good walking shoes and rain coats are a must there especially if you’re intending to go out on a hike there. Of course the warm clothes and visit in warmer months will be more preferable for you. If you are in Norway not being able to see the Northern lights will be unfortunate, it’s a must. Countries with good tourism industry have competitive expedition companies offering guided tours don’t hesitate to contact if you’re looking for more adventure than just the urban life and historic places.