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Stop making false promises about visiting another city or country to your friends and more importantly, to yourself. There is really no point in making huge plans and not acting upon them. There are people that spend their entire lives making plans and die without completing any one of them. There are times in life when you just have to be impulsive. Don’t sit around thinking you’ll do something, just do it. Those of you having the luxury of living in the United States should make great use of it. There are so many beautiful cities to visit; Miami is one of them. If you have been buried in work this year, then you owe it to yourself to experience vacations Miami. Don’t let those sophisticated thoughts hold you back. Vacations Miami has been waiting for you.


Miami was founded in 1925 and is a city located in the state of Florida. The weather in Miami is usually very hot, especially compared to other cities in the United States. Miami is said to receive sixty inches of rainfall every year. In Miami, August is generally the hottest month, and January the coldest. Vacations Miami are ideal in most cases because of the warm weather. This is why Miami is well known for its beaches. Miami is the best city to live in if you love the sun.


Miami is most famous for its South Beach. The South Beach is also sometimes called “SoBe”. It’s the one place in Miami that you will find flooded with people during the day. People bring along food and just lie there to get a good tan. You have to appreciate the enthusiasm of the people in Miami. They may work all week, but you won’t find them sleeping at home during the weekends. They make the most of their days off. Something else that Miami is well known for is the Miami Metro Zoo. The Miami Metro Zoo opened in 1980 and is now the largest zoo in all of Florida. The zoo is known to house almost two thousand animals. Another great attraction in Miami is the Miami Seaquarium. The Miami Seaquarium has been on the island of Virginia Key. The Miami Seaquarium is known to house dolphins, whales, sharks, and other sea animals. They are also known to organize various shows that feature trained dolphins and whales. Finally, saving the greatest for last, the most fascinating place to visit in Miami is the Coral Castle. The Coral Castle is a stone structure created by Edward Leedskalnin. It is one the most mind boggling mysteries that you will find in Miami since it has been rumored that he built the structure using a “perpetual motion holder”. No wonder vacations Miami are said to be so much fun.

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Mystery, or no mystery, the one thing that presents itself as an indisputable fact is that you absolutely need to visit Miami. Switch off your blackberries and shut away your laptops. Do not give the whole idea another thought. Just pack up and leave. Vacations Miami could be a blessing in disguise.

By Sidra Rana, published at 01/10/2012
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