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Scottsdale Golf Vacations Can Be A Nice Break From A Harsh Winter


Winters in the United States can be a bit harsh at times, especially if you are new here or if you just plain hate the winters. The temperatures go as down as well below 0o C and that is really not a happy time for many people. Luckily, spending the winters in the US is not as bad as it used to be. Most offices and buildings are well heated during the winters and even public transport vehicles are well heated so it’s really the in-between part that’s a problem. The apartment you will be living in will be well heated too. In fact, it doesn’t matter how cold it is on the outside, you will be able to walk around in your PJ’s as long as you are on the inside; thereby rendering your winter vacations nice and pleasant. However, there are certain parts of the US that are generally warm; one such city is Scottsdale. Scottsdale is a great city for vacations nice.


Scottsdale belongs to the state of Arizona. It was founded in 1888. Scottsdale may not be a very large city but has been built as per the requirements of any other modern city. The weather in Scottsdale is usually warm, making it a great escape place to spend your winter vacations in. Scottsdale’s winters are not as harsh as most other cities in the United States. This is what makes Scottsdale’s winter vacations nice.


What attracts most people to Scottsdale are the numerous golf courses that have been built inside the city. If you are a big fan of golf, or if you are planning to learn this sophisticated and elegant sport, then Scottsdale could indeed make your vacations nice. Fear not if you are a beginner; remember that it is practice that makes perfect. The first few days playing golf maybe a little difficult for you, especially if you are skinny and the golf club is heavier than you, but if you put a few days into it, you will be playing like a pro in no time. One of the most beautiful golf courses you will find throughout Scottsdale is the Talking Stick Golf Club. The lavish greenery and fresh smell of grass will put you in a better mood the moment you step onto it. Another almost equally beautiful golf course in Scottsdale is the Scottsdale Silverado Golf Club. There are several other golf courses in Scottsdale such as the Continental Golf Course, or McCormick Ranch Golf Course, or the Paradise Valley Country Club. 

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Each golf club in Scottsdale is more beautiful than you could imagine and will make your little golf experience a memorable one. While most of the time, the prices for these courses are affordable, you will find most prices vary according to location and quality. The golf clubs are not all confined to serve only as golf courses; some are used for weddings and some for parties. Also, some clubs include other activities such as tennis, or swimming. This winter, pack up to spend vacations nice in Scottsdale and don’t worry about the cold; you are guaranteed to find Scottsdale rather soothing.

By Sidra Rana, published at 01/10/2012
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Scottsdale Golf Vacations Can Be A Nice Break From A Harsh Winter. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.