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Louisiana - French Market - A Great Vacations And Travel Destination


Louisiana is one of the most populous states of America. Its biggest city is New Orleans. French Market is basically a series of buildings situated in French Quarter of New Orleans. Louisiana vacations are planned every year by people to see and enjoy the multifaceted Louisiana. The horrible hurricane Katrina couldn’t even dull the craze of Louisiana vacations.


Louisiana is a blend of Spanish, French, African and Indian culture. Native Americans ruled for millions of years here before the invasion of Europeans in the later half of 16th century. This territory used to be a possession of France but then it was sold to America. Later the Americans easily bought Africans over here. That’s why we see French, American and African cultures dominant in Louisiana. To view this cultural enormity people arrange Louisiana vacations.


If you are planning to have Louisiana vacations, then you are in for a big treat. Louisiana has a variety of luxury hotels and Marriot is of them. The suite is heavenly, the cuisine can’t get any better and the staff is very helpful. The climate of Louisiana is quite humid. In winters, it’s comfortably warm while it gets very hot in summers. So it’s best to visit Louisiana in winters. The Global Wildlife is very famous in Louisiana. It’s a place where everyone can go; adults’ kids and teenagers. Then Acadian Village is a must to go place in Louisiana. It’s stunning and has that typical southern charm with beautiful houses and picket fences. National World War II museum definitely deserves your visit. In there, you have stories of people inscribed in books, who fought and were killed in the war. Their belongings and stories would move you deeply. The other two eminent museums in Louisiana are North Louisiana Military Museum and the other one is Louisiana Political Museum and Hall of Fame. The Steamboat Natchez is the only steamboat area in Louisiana and is a must to visit especially in winters. Louisiana Garden and Zoo is the typical fun place for the kids. Apart from the zoo, there are also many picnic spots over there. Nottoway Plantation Resort is also a good spot to take a tour and learn about history. Plus it also provides lavish and comfortable accommodations. New Orleans, Louisiana is like a hometown for music because different kinds of music are introduced here. That’s why you will also find a lot of opera houses here. Louisiana is also famous for its nightlife. There are many wild and happening casinos and clubs you will find in Louisiana. Plus you can’t miss the cafes in Louisiana. As soon as you step from the plane the strong aroma of coffee beans greet you. Bocage Plantation is also a very famous spot in Louisiana. If you can’t afford to stay in the five star hotels you can find elegant accommodations over here.

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However, if you are planning for Louisiana vacations, you should be prepared for everything Because one moment the sun is shinning brightly and the next there is a strong hail storm. So be prepared for anything in Louisiana. 

By Sidra Rana, published at 01/10/2012
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Louisiana - French Market - A Great Vacations And Travel Destination. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.