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Budapest Vacations Guide - Ten Fun Things To Do In Budapest


Budapest, capital city of Hungary, because of its rich heritage, fascinating architecture and inspiring history truly stands up to its reputation as the “Paris of Central Europe”.  With the river Danube crossing through the middle of the city, you’ll find many bridges inter linking the city. Its cultural values and peaceful environment make it a real paradise. Plus, it doesn’t really hurt if the city is overflowing with thermal spa establishments due to natural hot springs. This explains its second most popular reference as “the city of Spas”. It’s full of other charming pleasures as well: museums, theatres showing cultural and musical productions, and lots and lots of greenery. While on vacations, Budapest has a plenty to offer. Here’s a list of top 10 must-see places during your Budapest vacations.


If you like wine, then you must be a guest at the Faust Wine Cellar located in the Buda Castle District. It’s the best wine cellar in Budapest with great and authentic wine, both to take home and enjoy during any one of their tasting sessions. You may choose from their menu or just ask for their best recommendations.  There’s more to explore. Hungary’s beloved Castle Hill which was unfortunately destroyed during World War II but restored by the Hungarian’s is a real pleasant sight for the eyes. Unique and classical buildings, cobblestone streets, yes you’ll definitely feel like you’re in ancient Europe. Also, nearby is the Margaret Island, an ancient ruin with long romantic walk ways and beautiful gardens.  Clearly you have to be a fan of culture and rich heritage to be enjoying Budapest vacations. Then you can’t leave without visiting the Hungarian State Opera House. Built in 1884 with more of the new-Renaissance structure look, it is really considered an architectural masterpiece. Each year with nearly 1200 seats, it hosts multiple opera performances during September till end of June. Pay your respects to the Jews that were killed by fascist Arrow Cross militants during World War II by visiting the Shoes on the Danube Promenade. They were asked to remove their shoes to be shot dead into the river. The Shoes represent the fallen victims and their belongings left behind.


Visit the country’s greatest landmark and one of Europe’s oldest legislative buildings, the Parliament Building or Országház as called in Hungarian. Inspired by the British Parliament building, the domed architecture and prestige of the building makes it a popular tourist site. Named in Honor of the first king of Hungary, St. Stephen's Basilica church is the biggest and most significant building in all of Hungary. It is able to accommodate nearly 8000 worshipers at a time and also houses King Stephen I’s mummified hand. As mentioned before, the city has sources to many natural hot springs so you have to relax at Szechenyi Baths which is perhaps one of the biggest spas in Europe. Housing 18 pools, the thermal complex is easily affordable, is over a century old and offers exquisite peace and relaxation. They have beach spites, public bathing departments, a terrace restaurant and a recently added outpatient hospital. Once relaxed and energized, visit the House of Terror, a museum that contains artifacts that remind of the communist and fascist dictatorial regimes. It also honors and remembers the victims of those regimes and shows how those victims were brutally tortured and killed.

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Finally, if you want to add a little excitement to your vacations, Budapest has the Celeritas Shooting Club. They’ve got all the rifles, shotguns, revolvers and much for you to enjoy their shooting ranges. Also, if you get the chance, visit the Buda Castle - Royal Palace which was the home for many Hungarian kings. A lot of it was destroyed during the war but has been restored to its former glory. So if you’re looking for peace and cultural vacations, then consider Budapest. Budapest Vacations is just one of those things you need to add to the “things-to-do-before-I-die” list.

By Amara, published at 01/13/2012
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