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Choose Your Perfect Skiing Vacations In Bulgaria


Bulgaria is located in the southeast of Europe and borders Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey and is one of the most visited destinations for Bulgaria vacations. Its major source of economic growth is through its tourism industry. Statistics show that in 2008 Bulgaria was visited by 8.9 million tourists. Most of the tourists are from Bulgaria’s neighboring lands which are Greece, Romania and Germany. However, even after the frequency of tourist visits, the industry is poorly developed. It is not advertised properly and the visitors are handled poorly. However, do not let these setbacks affect you. You can still plan Bulgaria vacations.


The country has preserved its traditions of the first Bulgarian empire. Hence, Bulgaria vacations are ideal for kids because they can learn about history, enjoying at the same time; the country came under The Ottoman rule which stayed for almost five centuries. Bulgaria was reestablished as a monarchy after the Russo-Turkish war and after the treaty of San Stefano, the third Bulgarian kingdom emerged. World War II changed Bulgaria into a communist state. However, in 1990 the communist party gave up and Bulgaria turned into a democratic state.


There are many tourist attractions in Bulgaria for different things such as sea resorts such as Sozopol, Nessebur, Golden Sands and others. The weather also supports these beach resorts and during winters the ski resorts become everyone’s favorite. The night life is very famous due to the discos, which immensely attract the tourists. There are many recreational activities available as well, such as mountain biking and mountain hiking. These recreational activities enable the tourist to bond with nature. However, skiing is the most famous tourist attraction known in Bulgaria. Bulgaria is emerging as the most visited tourist attraction for skiing after Andorra, which has given up its claim to the title. It is a great family activity and if you are planning to go to Bulgaria for that, then the mountain lodge is the ideal family destination because it is comfortable, completely furnished and provides a homely touch. The best time to go is in March because of the heavy snowfall during this time. If you buy a ski pass for 6 days it will cost you around 255 lev. This winter trip will definitely suit your budget along with your tastes. It provides recreation and knowledge at the same time. If you are planning to relax and have fun, Bulgaria vacation is for you. Moreover, due to the abundance of hotels, overcrowding is avoided. Bansko is known for the best quality equipments; you can travel to Bansko by flying to Sofia and then moving to Bansko which is around 160 km.

Tips and comments

Therefore, Bulgaria is an ideal family destination if you can tolerate a tad of disorganization. However, this can always be ignored by looking at the bright side—the amount of money being saved. Its beautiful mountainous terrains are perfect for any skier and the fact that it is budget friendly adds to the attraction. Bulgaria is emerging as a great tourist attraction. However, until one visits it, one cannot judge the place. Therefore, this time plan Bulgaria vacations with your family.

By Amara, published at 01/14/2012
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