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Right in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean lie 332 tiny islands, that together form, the Republic of Fiji. Formed due to volcanic activity in the area over millions of years ago, today Fiji vacations have become one of the most visited islands in the world offering various fun and adventurous activities like fishing, trekking, bird watching and much more. It’s a diver’s favorite choice because of the warm waters and amazingly breathtaking coral reefs.  The island is full of mountains of volcanic origins, small villages and towns making Fiji vacations one of its kind. Almost 110 of the 332 islands are inhabited. With a warm weather, sandy beaches and beautiful oceans to enjoy during your vacations, Fiji has everything you want.


Visit the main regions of the archipelago, like Viti Levu which is the biggest island in Fiji, inhabiting nearly 70% of the population. You can consider it ground zero for your Fiji vacation. It’s filled with rainforests, beautiful coastlines and sandy beachfronts. You can easily access some of the other facilities offered to Fiji tourists like scuba diving in Nadi region. Take an amazing view of the soft coral reefs underwater. While visiting Nadi, experience some of its great restaurants which are legendary in the city and the many shopping districts. Nadi is probably the most used gateway into Fiji so there’s a good chance you’ll be there unless you use the Suva airport. Near Nadi are two islands offering you great beach resorts, the Mamanuca and the Yasawas which is further north. If you’re looking for nice relaxing luxurious vacations, Fiji offers long stretches of white sand beaches. Then, the Mamanucas are famous for their various beach resorts and Palm trees. It’s one of the main honeymooners’ destinations in Fiji. These small islands also offer great water activities such as snorkeling, diving, cruising, jet sporting and fishing.  On the other side of the Islands lie Suava and the Pacific Harbor. The Pacific harbor is now the popular adventure arena for tourists offering numerous water activities in addition to sea and white water kayaking.  It also has a pretty suave night life. Nearby, the harbor is the Coral Coast which is well known for its waves. The beaches of Coral Coast are the best in Fiji for surfing. The most interesting activity of the area includes jet boat safari.


Of course when visiting any country on vacations, you always visit the Capital. Suva, the Capital of Fiji, is a multi-cultural city with amazing mountain regions, museums and stretches of long beaches. Of course at this point there’s hardly any city in the republic without beaches, but then again, it’s a group of islands. Kadavu, the fourth largest island of Fiji and located near Suva, is the prime spot for divers because of its underwater caves, world known Astrolabe Reefs and diverse marine life.

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When you’re done with all the great water fun activities and the shopping part of your Fiji vacations take a tour to some of the unique and amazing mountain regions of it. Bird watching is another favorite activity in Fiji islands. With nearly 80 species of beautiful and exotic birds from the main Kadavu, Taveun and Vitu levu, it has become a popular naturist site for bird watching. And where there’re mountains, there’s hiking! So if you’re looking for a nice tropical, warm and sandy vacation, visit the Fiji Islands where the fun never ends.

By Amara, published at 01/13/2012
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