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Best Family Vacations Destination - Maryland Booking For Family Holidays


Maryland is a great place to consider when planning your summer vacations. It’s got a long stretch of beaches, an amazing view of the sunset and the ocean, abundance of amusement parks, camping resorts, miniature golf and shopping malls. Three main towns Ocean City, Baltimore and Annapolis offer great family outing activities during your Maryland vacations. So if you’re looking for a nice vacation with wife and kids here’s a quick overview.


Ocean City, near the coast of the Atlantic Ocean with Long stretches of white sandy beach is most popular for swimming and surfing. Enjoy the sun with your kids burying you in sand, flying kites along the beaches and having to pay no charges for enjoying the public spot. Go for a morning jog with your partner in the morning and watch the sun rise, a perfect way to start your day. You can stay in Ocean City if you want to go camping at the Assateague Island National Seashore. The national park allows camping and is most famous for wild ponies wandering the beaches freely. Bet your baby girl won’t ever want to leave her Maryland vacations. Visit the Ocean City Boardwalk which is famous all over the U.S for great restaurants, shopping, amusement parks and a great view of the ocean. The city also has great amusement parks and miniature golf courses. Some highly rated amusement parks include Baja Amusements and Grand Prix Family for go karts, Frontier Town Western Park with its Wild West theme and Buccaneer's Booty Miniature Golf & Arcade for miniature golf. They also have a great water park called Jolly Roger.


Other than the Assateague Park, there are more sites for camping, like the Jelly Stone. The Yogi Bear Jelly Stone Camp Resort features amazing facilities including a 400 ft waterslide. The Mascot Yogi Bear is a favorite children’s cartoon character and you’ll catch him playing football and volleyball with families on the camp site. They have special facilities for families arriving in RVs. Visit the Maryland Zoo, Baltimore, one of the oldest zoos of the world housing over 2000 animals that include polar bears, zebras and penguins. Up till now your kids should be excited about their vacations. The climate is always warm in the summer so the kid’s summer holidays are a great time to plan Maryland vacations. Baltimore also features many museums and historical places like the Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine and the American Visionary Museum. So you can also add a little culture learning into your vacation. If your kids are still pining over animals, then visit the National Aquarium in Baltimore that holds nearly 700 water creature species including dolphins, sharks and much more. And to top it all off, go hiking in the Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary. It’s the only Sanctuary in the region for winter animals like the Canadian Geese. It’s operated under the Maryland Government and is a great place to hike and enjoy the great outdoors.

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If you live in America and do not want to travel abroad with your family for your holidays because of the budget constraints, Maryland vacations are the perfect solution. They will satiate your kids’ excitement and also give you some quality time to spend with your children. So if you’re still thinking where to go for a great family summer read the article again!

By Amara, published at 01/14/2012
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Best Family Vacations Destination - Maryland Booking For Family Holidays. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.