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Shanghai For Vacations - Must See Places

Published at 01/10/2012 16:51:21


Shanghai, a world-famous metropolis and one of the three municipalities under the direct jurisdiction of the Central Government, is situated on the central coastline of China's mainland. It serves as a gateway to the fertile Yangstse River valley. The city has a total area of 6340 square kilometres with a population of 14.15 million. 

Shanghai has a sub-tropical and maritime climate, temperate but humid with four distinct seasons. The hottest month is July with an average temperature of 28 deg. C and the coldest month is January with an average temperature of 3 deg. C.


Shanghai has a long history which is 4000-5000 years old.  However, it is only after the opium war in 1840 that Shanghai was forced to open as a free port for foreign colonialism. With the lopsided development in the city, Shanghai was reduced to "a paradise for adventures". 

Every corner of Shanghai reflects its grant history. Here is a list of must see places which visitors must not skip at any cost. 

Yuyuan Garden

Yuyuan Garden is a famous ancient garden in the south of Yangtze River with architectures of Ming and Qing dynasties. It was built 400 years ago. Though small in area, it seems far larger when one walks around it owing to its ingenious design, zigzag layout of pavilions, chambers and towers, lotus, ponds, winding paths, little bridges, bubbling streams, rockeries and strange stones. There are more than 30 scenic spots in the garden, each different from the other and unique in its own. 

Jade Buddha Temple

First built in 1882, the temple consists of the Grand Hall, the Hall of Heavenly Kings, the Buddhist Abbot Chamber and the Reclining Buddha Hall etc. Sitting in the centre of the Jade Buddha Chamber is a giant white jade Buddha. It is a rare treasure in the world. 

Shanghai Museum

It is one of the four largest museums in China with superb collections of Chinese cultural relics. 




Yangpu Bridge

Yangpu Bridge is a big cable-stay bridge built in the urban area of Shanghai across the Huangpu River. Its total length is 7658 metres with a central span of 602 metres. The bridge is 1178 metres long and its towers are 208 metres high each. Yangpu Bridge is the longest cable-stay bridge in the world. 

Huangpu River Cruise

Huangpu River originates in Dianshan Lake in the Western part of Shanghai. It flows through the city's busy urban area, with a total length of 114 kilometers. The Shanghai Harbor, China's largest port, is built along the river. A cruise on the river not only provides visitors a prosperous scene of ships shuttling back and forth in the river and cranes towering into the sky but also enfolds a picture of tall buildings and local customs. 

Tips and comments

Shanghai has a favorable geographical location and is easily accessible by air, land and sea. You will definitely appreciate the centuries-old fine culture and art created by the Chinese. So make it a point to include these incomparable Chinese historical relics, picturesque landscape and natural beauty of the region in your Shanghai vacations tour itinerary.