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5 Quick Tips To Your Vacations To Italy


The large country of Italy, combined with Greece and situated in the south of Europe is known for many attractive features that attract visitors for vacations to Italy. The beautiful coasts, lakes, mountains, shopping malls, cuisines are also why people are so attracted to vacations to Italy.


Italy is basically a peninsula that is located near the Mediterranean Sea and has France and Austria as its neighboring countries. Since it’s a peninsula people like visiting the place for vacations to Italy. The country is almost millions of years old and has a blend of the Roman and Greek culture.


The country of Italy has a climate that is different from the climate of many areas that are present on the Mediterranean Sea. The place has a boiling hot climate in the summers and the area gets really cold during the winters and it even snows in the higher altitudes of Italy. If one goes for vacations to Italy, then, there are many places that one can visit and there are many adventures that come along with the journey. The Etruscan Museum of Italy is a must visit while you are in Italy because it portrays one of the most beautiful paintings and statues made by the ancient Greek and Roman artists. This museum is present in the inner city. Apart from this museum there are many other museums that portray the best things ever made by the Romans and the Greeks. These museums are present in various areas of the country. While in Italy, the vineyards are also one of the best places to visit since they present the most beautiful sceneries of Italy and best sites for recreation. The country of Italy provides the cheapest conveyance by train, bicycles, buses, etc. Italy is very famous for its cuisines. The hotels and restaurants provide people with all the traditional foods of Italy, which include lasagna, cheese and ham sandwiches, macaroni, spaghetti, etc. The hotels provide cheaply priced food but getting tables in famous Italian restaurants is really difficult. You have to make reservations at least a day before going there. These hotels provide one with menus at different times of the day; for example different things are present in breakfast, lunch and dinner. The specialties of Italy include “risotto” which is made of cheese and seafood and polenta made out of corn and cheese. Almost all the dishes have cheese in them and you feel really filled once you have eaten them. Pizza is also a very famous Italian specialty which is popular in other countries as well. Among desserts the most famous one is the gelatin which is just like jelly that we eat and comes in many different flavors. Italy is also famous for the many extravagant shopping malls that have all kinds of things to buy and even souvenirs to take back for the folks at home.

Tips and comments

Italy is a developed country but still the crime rate is really high, so people must beware of the many criminal activities that are most likely to take place while you are there. this does not mean that you cancel your vacations to Italy. Just be careful and you will have the time of life there.

By Amara, published at 01/13/2012
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