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The Best Islands To Visit In Fiji For Vacations


When you think about a beach vacation, images of tropical sunsets, grains of white sand, and azure blue skies come in mind. Bonfires, music, dancers, cocktails are all looped into that picture as well and imagine having all of these things all in one place. That’s right Fiji is one place where you can get it all and the number of islands are diverse as well so you can choose from a variety of places to party in. Fiji each year gets thousands of visitors and tourists wishing to enjoy the dusk till dawn party atmosphere and the absolutely breathtaking scenery that the islands have to offer so the popularity is well worth it. Moreover, even the flights to Fiji nowadays are cheap enough for almost everyone to afford and the entire vacations Fiji becomes a great enjoyable experience.


Located in the central Pacific Ocean, Fiji has a rich and interesting history filled with rife, war, and tribal on goings. These things make the islands mysterious and exotic and there is much to explore on your vacations Fiji. The interesting fact about Fijian islands is the fact that they were discovered by accident by Europe. Dutch explorer, Abel Tasman was one of the first to make the discoveries in the 17th century. In the 18th century, the English joined in under Captain James Cook in 1774. Initially the Fijian islands were inhabited by shipwrecked sailors along with runways and convicts who lived there for a long time. Later on they were joined my merchants, missionaries and traders as well owing to the exotic nature of the islands.


Fiji is made up of more than 300 islands and all of them are unique and worth visiting as well. They comprise of sandy white beaches, azure blue waters, and full of holiday fun that makes vacations Fiji worth its while. However vacation time might not be enough to visit all 300+ islands, so visiting some of them is obviously feasible on your vacations Fiji. One of the most popular islands in Fiji is Denarau Island. For the shopping and sightseeing enthusiast, Port Denarau is the place to be and has a commercial as well as a retail centre which covers an expanse of 8000 square meters with some of the best shopping malls in Fiji. Tourists with such interests will be happy to know that their vacations Fiji is turning out to be the perfect one with Port Denarau offering them a variety of services enjoyable for most people. For the nature lovers or the outdoor enthusiasts, the Coral Coast has some stunning view points and places to explore such as the Sigatoka Valley. It is also fondly known as Fiji’s Salad Bowl because it has some extensive fields, orchards, gardens, parks, and a great colorful area to visit and see. For relaxation, serenity and a peaceful atmosphere, the island of Taveuni is the spot you want to be in. The turquoise waters, natural landscapes and mild weather make it the perfect vacation spot.

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A good tip would be to first of all to make your reservations online via websites that offer these services. The benefit of this would be that you save up a lot on costs in terms of hotels, stays and flights as well. Vacations Fiji flights are already cheap but if you book them in advance and that too online, you can save even more on expenditures which gives the women more to shop.

By Sultan Khan, published at 01/12/2012
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